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Photo of the Day: Folly Beach, SC

Oh what I wouldn’t give for a Rum Runner from Rita’s. And sunshine for that matter.

Things in the Castlepalace are starting to get pretty hectic as we near the end of our semester. “Spring” break is next week (since it’s snowing in Atlanta and still pretty gross here) and it’s freaking me out. I’m headed home for a few days since I haven’t been back in months before going to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day. I know. Be jealous. It’s my first legal St. Patrick’s Day. Charleston Wine + Food Festival is this coming weekend and as much as I would love to stalk my favorite television chefs, I just can’t afford the $75 plus price tags.

After that is Charleston Fashion Week, which I doubt I will attend. I like fashion and all, but it’s just all so pretentious. The Charleston Magazine crowd all gets together to tell each other how fabulous they all are. Instead, I am opting for Aiken Steeplechase. It’s the same concept as Carolina Cup, pastels and big hats, just less expensive.

It’s going to be an exciting end of the year. Too bad my lack of job can’t support my lifestyle. I’m already signed up for Travel Blog Exchange in June, thanks to the parents for counting it as a Christmas present, but only have $200 (thanks, City of Charleston for towing my car and stealing $200 from me) saved for summer adventures. I was hoping to go to Bloggers in Sin City, led by the hysterical Nicole of More is Better, but the funds aren’t looking so good. The Croatia trip is also on hold until I find a job. But don’t cry for me just yet. I’ve got an interview today.

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  1. Candice March 3, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    Damn, I haven't even begun thinking about my St. Patrick's Day celebrations. And I could seriously use sunshine too, and a drink like that.

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