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Airplanes in the Night Sky

Old City Walls, Dubrovnik

So I realize I just got back from my month long RTW trip to Thailand and Croatia and have thus been slacking majorly in the blog department, but I blame the lack of regular access to internet. Free internet, that is. So I finally uploaded my Croatia pictures (most of them anyways) but have been having difficulties with the thousand or so from Thailand. I think my memory card got corrupted at some point because my other one worked fine. Thankfully we got our pictures loaded onto CDs before leaving so I can still access them if I track the CDs down. Expect those in about two weeks when I get back from this upcoming trip.

And so, after just completing a 20 hour plane marathon on Monday, I am leaving again for Hartsfield at 4:45 am tomorrow for New York. I must be out of my mind, but I cannot wait for Travel Blog Exchange 2010! I am psyched to meet some of my blog crushes, explore the city for the hundredth time, visit some friends and eat some delicious bagels. From there, my family is meeting me for a barely planned road trip to Boston and the East Coast. I am hoping to see my friend Jessica in Boston and Casey in Philadelphia before the 4th of July in Washington DC!

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  1. Andi June 29, 2010 at 2:23 pm #

    Looooove that photo!

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