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Read This Blog: Twenty-Something Travel

Behind the blog: I have been reading this blog for a while now. Twenty-Something Travel was started by twenty-something Stephanie Yoder. I had the pleasure of meeting her at TBEX. Her blog has become one of the top travel sites on the web and she just embarked on the round-the-world adventure she’s been dreaming about for years. 

What’s in a name?: “I think that in the U.S. young people are really discouraged from traveling. We are told we need to go to school, get a job, and maybe we can travel later, when we are older. [Thus the new blog headline “Why wait to see the world?”] I think it does us a real disservice so I wanted my blog to showcase the ease and the benefits of traveling in your twenties.”-SY

Why should you read?: This blog isn’t just for twenty-somethings. There’s something to learn for every age. 

“I think people should read the other blogs too! I certainly do. But you should specifically read my blog if you want a deeper look at what it means to travel in your twenties. I don’t just write about places to go, I write the complex feelings, and the lessons learned from travel.”-SY

Favorite posts: “The hardest posts for me to write are the really personal ones, but they always end up being the most popular and becoming my favorites. I love it when I get great reader feedback on a post. My current favorite is probably “China is What Happens When You’re Making Other Plans,” which I wrote about unexpectedly meeting my boyfriend and upending my travel plans.”-SY


I also happen to love her post about falling for fellow blogger Michael of Art of Backpacking. I feel somewhat odd about reading about their relationship, but it’s one of those posts people can relate to. We all say we want to be independent, but some people are worth changing plans for. I’ve got too many favorite posts to list, but here’s a few:

  • “My Top 4 Favorite Hostel Memories”: Her hilarious experiences at hostels remind us all of our experiences. For me, it’s learning Slovenian words from my bunkmates in London, watching my sister inhale something odd with Russians in Dublin and buying fruit for my new friends in Split. 
  • “Learning to Love Being Alone”: It took me a really long time to appreciate being alone. It used to terrify me, so I would surround myself with people I didn’t like. But now, I can proudly travel alone and embrace it. 
  • “Lessons from a Croatian Party Boat”: I read her post before I went on my own trip. After reading it again, I related even more, being the only American on an all-Aussie boat. 
  • “Haters Gonna Hate”: In the midst of a virtual brouhaha over some heated words exchanged between two bloggers, Stephanie made us all come to our senses. Her best quote is “My happiness is different from your happiness.”

How do you go from a personal blog to a top travel blog?: “Persistence mostly. There aren’t really any shortcuts (that I know of anyways), just consistently updating with content I feel passionate about. I blog because I love it, and the fact that people find it interesting enough to keep coming back is just gravy.”-SY

What are your favorite blogs to read? [a new question I am throwing into the RTB mix]: “I like blogs that talk about personal stories and journeys. Some of my current faves are C’est Christine, Backpacking Matt and Where Is Jenny.”-SY

I hope you’re enjoying this Read This Blog feature as much as I am! Next week’s virtual guest is one of my absolute favorite bloggers, my beer-loving Canadian soul sister Candice Walsh of Candice Does the World!

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  1. Global Butterfly November 23, 2010 at 3:55 pm #

    Awesome pick!!! :)

  2. Miss G November 24, 2010 at 12:12 pm #

    Fab interview – really enjoyed reading it!

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