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Travel Writing Round Up [September 2011]

If you saw the last few editions of  Travel Writing Round Up, welcome back! There are a lot of great opportunities this month, so I hope you will take full advantage of them. A lot are repeats from last month as well, but new posts are denoted with stars. I have checked all the links to ensure that they are still valid, but please let me know if I have missed one. Feel free to shoot me an email at I’ve also created an open Google Document where you can add writing opportunities if you see them throughout the month, or take down ones you know have expired.

**Special thanks to Nicole of Bitten by the Travel Bug for alerting me to many of these opportunities!

Paying Markets


  • Matador Network: As one of the top travel magazines on the web, they’re always looking for content, but they’re pretty picky. Find out what they’re looking for on the Bounty Board or submit your own ideas. If they are interested in your article, you will be compensated with $25.
  • BootsNAll Travel Network: BootsNAll offers writers the chance to get their writing published, even if they don’t get paid, through the Traveler Article program. For features, essays and expert traveler articles, you can be paid between $20-50 for your work.
  • Do It While You’re Young: This blog is everything a girl needs to know about travel. They are looking for posts in the following areas: Destination Details, Reader Perspective, Hotel Aficionado, Six Months Out and Trip Review. You will be generously compensated with a $5 Amazon gift card per article.
  • The Travel Belles: This sassy Southern blog is looking for posts ranging in length from 400-1200 words about first-person experiences that don’t sound like they were copy and pasted from a brochure. They pay $10 per article via PayPal.
  • Travel Generation: This up and coming travel website employs the likes of Adventurous Kate and the folks at Indie Travel Podcast to share their travel experiences for a cool $50 NZD.
  • Go Nomad: The website needs features and destination guides about places in the United States and South America. They pay $25 for 1500-1700 word articles and pays on publication. They accept reprints. You can check out their writer’s guidelines for more details.
  • Lost Girls World: The girls’ website has exploded since the release of their book and now is as good a time as ever to write for them. Contributions must be between 500-1,500 words and apply to the mostly female audience of the site. Their posts often get picked up for the Huffington Post and in-flight magazines. They now pay $12 for specific Destination Guides and “How to Pitch To…” series.
  • Unanchor: This new website is seeking people to create itineraries for various cities across the country and will pay you $50-100 UP FRONT. Yes, you read that correctly. But you should ideally be an expert on the city you are creating the itinerary for. This is not the “top 10 things to do in city” type of guide. You will be paid a 75% commission for sold itineraries after the first few.
  • Go Overseas: A great resource to study and work abroad travelers looks for posts less than 1000 words about life overseas. They pay $25 via PayPal upon publication.
  • GoMad NoMad Magazine: This online magazine is looking to pay $25 for articles on lesser-known destinations, posts from the road and practical travel advice.
  • *Galavanting: Kim Mance and her crew are looking for features and blogs on girlfriend getaways and female travel, from 200-1000 words.
  • *Epic Thrills: This blog is focused on adventure travel, so posts should be geared towards it, less than 800 words.
  • *World Hum: Easily the best website for quality travel writing, World Hum closed its submissions for a while when they were dealing with the Travel Channel buyout, but are now looking for new content. See your name next to the likes of Rick Steves, Don George and Rolf Potts.
  • *In the Know Traveler: This website pays $10 for features and $3 for blog posts on almost any travel topic.


  • Westjet Up! Magazine: Canadian airline Westjet has a great in-flight magazine that focuses on destinations in North America and the Caribbean. Payment ranges from $150 and up, depending on length. Check out the contributor guidelines for complete details.
  • Wild Blue Yonder Magazine: Frontier Airlines’ in-flight magazine takes the approach of “true to travel.” They are looking for articles between 200 and 2,000 words for their True Traveler city guides, dining guides, service articles and feature articles.
  • Delta Sky Magazine: They’re looking for travel and lifestyle & business features ranging from 600-2,000 words. Note that there is a four month lead time for this publication.
  • Go Magazine: AirTran’s in-flight magazine seeks destination-lead features, 1,200-1,400 words, which highlights a destination that AirTran flies to. They also accept pitches for On the Town, 400-900 word stories about a destination, celebrity cover stories and business stories.
  • EnRoute Magazine: Air Canada’s in-flight magazine has a variety of sections that freelancers can cover from 500-1500 words. See the website for descriptions of each section. Payment is $1 Canadian per word, with payment upon acceptance.
  • Transitions Abroad: This long-time resource for those moving abroad is looking for articles on long-term travel, teaching English abroad and cultural immersion and pays $50-150 via PayPal.
  • *The Australian Way: Qantas’ in-flight magazine is looking for features on their destinations, ranging in length between 500-1500 words
  • *Get Lost: This Australian glossy travel magazine features some great photos and is always on the lookout for writers.

Unpaid Guest Post Opportunities

  • Art of Backpacking: I love doing guest posts for Art of Backpacking because I feel like they “get me.” They are looking for posts that follow their philosophy of covering all aspects of backpacking, from relationships to gear reviews to that song you can’t get out of your head from your hostel. Posts must be at least 400 words.
  • Her Packing List: Female travelers can submit posts about the things they must have when they travel to
  • Nomadic Chick: Jeannie has been offering female travelers the chance to share their stories on her blog for Summer Chick Tales. Check out the editorial calendar to see if your post is the right fit.
  • Indie Travel Podcast: Craig and Linda Martin, the couple behind this award-winning podcast and website, are looking for people to do destination-related posts. Check out their website for more details.
  • Twenty-Something Travel: Stephanie’s blog generally covers the themes of solo female travel, RTW travel and career breaks. She accepts guest posts on travel experiences, as well as photo posts.
  • Y Travel Blog: Caz and Craig have one of the most successful travel sites on the web, so a guest post for them almost guarantees traffic. They’re looking for posts on destinations they haven’t visited yet, namely Eastern Europe, North and West Africa, Central and South America and Antarctica.
  • ConnVoyage: This is a favorite blog of mine and I have already submitted a post to Connie’s Favorite Travel Memories series. Be sure to get yours included!
  • 48 Hour Adventure: Justin spends a weekend in a city and writes about how much you can see in 48 hours, but he can’t be everywhere, so if you have tips to contribute, send him an email.

Non-Paying Markets


  • On UR Way Travel: This Aussie-run online travel magazine is looking for 3-4 contributors a month to inspire others to travel. There are also opportunities to contribute to the blog in the World Experiences and Weekly Glimpse sections.
  • Vagabondish: This offbeat travel zine is looking for writers to cover three sections of the publication: features, which covers how-tos, social commentary, reviews of about 1,000 words; news + sidelines, covering current issues in 200-300 words; and dispatches, focusing on the travel narrative.
  • Not For Tourists: You have probably heard of their guidebooks, but NFT is increasing their web presence and looking for writers to review restaurants and write longer 1,000+ word features. These opportunities are unpaid, but NFT offers you editor status and “free stuff.”
  • Wanderlust and Lipstick: This well-known women’s travel website is looking for wander tales written by females.


  • S.E.A. Backpacker: This magazine is for backpackers and by backpackers and loves everything about Southeast Asia. You can find copies in hostels throughout Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Bucket-loving writers should submit ideas about destination reviews, backpacker advice, recommended things to do and other topics related to backpacking in Southeast Asia. Compensation is not currently being offered. Contact for more information.

Jobs and Internships

  • *Travel Editor, Ideeli: This new Groupon-esque site covers fashion and travel and requires an editor to write copy for each of the offers. This job is based in New York and is part-time, with 5 years experience and a Bachelor’s degree. Contact Emily Marinaro for details at
  • *Editorial Intern, Gap Daemon: This up and coming travel website is looking for two paid interns in the London area, preferably with experience writing and significant travel experience. You must apply by September 9!
  • *On-Campus Reps, Off Track Planet: If you are a college student looking for work promoting one of the best new travel magazines, look no further. This is a great chance to get in with a company that is sure to go far in the industry.
  • *offMetropolist Travel Writing/Research Intern: A San Francisco-based website is looking for an intern for reporting and fact checking.


Helpful Links

*This is where I take most of my job and freelance listings from, so feel free to check them out.

  • Writers Weekly, an e-zine with freelance listings, as well as other resources for writers
  • Freelance Writing Gigs, another weekly listing of freelance opportunities in all fields, including copywriting, ghost writing, journalism and blogging
  • Media Bistro, the go-to site for all things media, with classes on everything from InDesign to PR to travel writing, as well as job listings and “how to pitch to” guides
  • Journalism Jobs has listings for all ranges of journalism, from the small town newspaper to the Associated Press
  • Media Kitty brings together PR and travel journalists for what they call “trippy journalism,” with job listings, press releases and press trip announcements

Now get writing.

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5 Responses to Travel Writing Round Up [September 2011]

  1. Nicole Blaess-Smith (@NicoleTravelBug) September 3, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    The pleasure of alerting you was all mine. :)

    I think this monthly post is really helpful – keep it up!

  2. unbravegirl September 3, 2011 at 8:14 am #

    Thank you so much for including my blog post on travel mistakes in your round-up! This is such a great list (and I’m not just saying that because I’m on it!). I’ve been telling myself forever that I need to start doing more freelancing, but I’ve been too lazy to do the research. And here you’ve done it all for me! Wheee! :) Thank you!

    • carolineinthecityblog September 3, 2011 at 8:21 am #

      The funny thing is although I put this all together, there are very few I’ve actually gone after. Seems I should take my own advice. Thanks for commenting, Sally!

  3. myalternativelife October 26, 2011 at 1:22 am #

    Hey, Great article, just finished my Southeast Asia Backpacking trip and im missing it already!

    Check out my blog

    For more tips and guides on backpacking in Southeast Asia.



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