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Photo Essay: Elvis’ Graceland

Memphis is the former home of legendary musician Elvis Presley and having grown up listening to his music with my grandparents, I knew I had to visit Graceland.

We purchased tickets online before leaving Nashville to ensure we got in, since even in low season, thousands of people pass through the gates at Graceland.

 Presley was known for his over-the-top fashion sense and his interior decorating was no different.

He made room for all of the important people in his life, especially his parents, whose room is pictured above.

 The house was always full of people, especially the dining room, where the staff served up plenty of Southern fare.

 Elvis’ girls, Priscilla and Lisa Marie, were the most important people in his life.

 The kitchen hasn’t been changed at all since it was redesigned in Elvis’ heyday.

The basement, decorated with his logo for “Taking Care of Business,” is painted in black and yellow with three televisions, just like the president has.

 And what room in the 1970s didn’t have mirrored ceilings with shag carpeting?

The pool room reminded me of a gypsy caravan for its wall to wall fabrics. The pool table still has damage from a wild party at the house.

Elvis’ living room, known as the “Jungle Room” has green shag carpeting, a built in waterfall and custom made animal-skin chairs.

The Presley family, including Elvis, his parents and brother, are all buried in the “Peace Garden” outside. Fans still send flowers to his grave every week from all over the world.

 Included in our tickets to the house was entrance into the Automobile Museum, where Elvis’ famous cars were stored.

 The most famous was the Pink Cadillac, which was his mother’s favorite to drive.

 Also on site were his famous jets, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog III, which were returned to the house in the 1990s.

 If you’re going to be in Memphis, a visit to Graceland is interesting for even for guests too young to remember Elvis or his music.

Before You Go

Tickets vary in price from $32-70, depending on how much you want to see. The Graceland Mansion tour only includes the tour of the house, while the Graceland Platinum tour (which we went on) includes the house, cars and airplanes. The VIP tour includes everything the other passes include, plus front of the line access and a commemorative backstage pass.

Photography is allowed in the house and grounds, but no flash or video is allowed. Graceland is located at 3765 Elvis Presley Boulevard. Visit their website for more information.

See more of my Memphis photos on my Picasa Web Albums.

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