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Photo Friday: Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

boca chica

If I had my way, every press trip would involve beach time. So luckily for me, part of my Santo Domingo itinerary included a day trip to Boca Chica, the closest beach to the Zona Colonial that is also on the way to the Las Americas International Airport. This water baby was thrilled to just be close to the water, but I was overjoyed when I saw the crystal waters of the Caribbean.

boca chica

boca chica

Our party boarded the bus for Boca Chica, donning our summertime attire. After snapping photos from every angle of Boca Marina, we tucked into a seafood feast. Massive platters provided us with calamari, conch, fish, clams, shrimp and, my favorite, langoustines. The tiny lobsters were full of flavor and fresh from the water in front of us.

boca chica

boca chica

Since we were surrounded by water, I took the opportunity to get in. I didn’t know when I would be able to again. Stairs led straight into the clear ocean and, despite the waves, once I was in, it was difficult to get me back out. I bobbed for a while until the organizers told us it was time to go. But not without getting these GoPro shots first!

boca chica

Snapped in the act, Credit: Blair Loup

dominican republic

We also had brief time to sample delicacies of Boca Chica, specifically fried fish, tostones and “johnny cakes,” pictured to the far right. The fried dough was so delicious, especially when pulled hot out of the fryer. I would definitely return to Boca Chica to go diving and eat all sorts of fried deliciousness. But I’ll make sure I have more time in the future!

Have you been to Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic?

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  1. KareninCalabria April 30, 2016 at 2:08 pm #

    Wow! The water looked lovely in the first few photos, then I kept scrolling to the spectacular seafood platter! Then the last picture with the fried fish and dough! The Dominican Republic … who knew?

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