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Exploring Nolita, New York’s Most Photogenic Neighborhood

nolita new york

If you scroll through New York City Instagram hashtags, it’s likely you’ll see the neighborhood of Nolita, a nickname short for North of Little Italy, in your feed. It’s not enough that neighboring Chinatown and Little Italy seem straight out a movie. But Nolita bursts to life with colorful murals, trendy coffee shops, and shops. Wander down Elizabeth, Bowery, and Mott streets to get an idea of what I mean. And in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite photos from the day I spent brunching and walking around the trendy area. Note that a few of these places are more SoHo, but close enough!


nolita new york

Saxon + Parole– This was one of the first restaurants I went to with my former company, which brought me to the city twice a year for many years. I don’t remember it having this hip Blondie mural at the time, but I do remember the food. The bone marrow and Angus beef burger were favorites.

It’s BRUNCH o’clock guys. Thanks for the visit & colorful pic @photosbyamelinda

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Jack’s Wife Freda– I didn’t make it here, but once I saw their green shakshuka on the menu, I added it to my list. The Mediterranean-inspired eatery has two locations in the city.

nolita new york
Pietro Nolita– I didn’t dine at this cozy pink Italian restaurant, but I was surprisingly the only person snapping a photo on a Sunday morning. But my friend Anna vouched for the food!

nolita new york

Egg Shop– Eggs serve as one of my main daily meals, so I had to check out this place dedicated to the dish. I waited for a seat at the bar for close to a half hour, but loved my eggs Benedict on brioche with bacon, greens, tomato, and a tasty sauce.

Two Hands– After much Insta-love, I visited this Australian inspired cafe a few years back. While I didn’t opt for the ever-popular avocado toast, I did have coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Check out the photos of Bondi Beach on the walls!

Cafes and Coffee Shops

nolita new york

Café Integral– While waiting to get in at Egg Shop next door, I popped into this Nicaraguan coffee shop for an Americano. I was glad to have some of the tasty coffee that I found when I was traveling in Central America.

nolita nyc

Cha Cha Matcha– I didn’t need another drink after two coffees, but next time I’ll see what the fuss is about at this cafe that serves the green Japanese beverage.

CAFE GITANE– I went to this cute French-inspired cafe when it had a location inside the Jane Hotel. I had the continental breakfast with croissants, strong coffee, and orange juice.


nolita new york

Housing Works Bookstore CafeJackie talked about this bookstore that supports local charities and I’ve spent a few hours browsing on recent trips. They also have a clothing store next door where you can find some good pieces. I’ve even heard of weddings taking place here!

Our happy place ☺️ #T2obsessed

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T2 Tea SoHo– And no trip to New York would be complete for me without visiting T2, an Australian tea company that I frequented regularly when I lived in Sydney.

What’s your favorite place in Nolita? Have you been?

Mentioned in this post
  1. Saxon + Parole
    Restaurant in NY New York

    316 Bowery
    NY New York
    (212) 254-0350
  2. Jack's Wife Freda
    Restaurant in NY New York

    224 Lafayette St
    NY New York
    (212) 510-8550
  3. Pietro Nolita
    Restaurant in New York County New York

    174 Elizabeth St
    New York County New York
    (646) 998-4999
  4. Egg Shop
    Restaurant in New York County New York

    151 Elizabeth St
    New York County New York
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  5. Two Hands
    Restaurant in New York New York

    164 Mott St
    New York New York
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  6. Café Integral
    Restaurant in New York County New York

    149 Elizabeth St
    New York County New York
  7. Cha Cha Matcha
    Restaurant in New York County New York

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    Restaurant in New York County New York

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    Attraction in New York New York

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  10. T2 Tea SoHo
    Restaurant in New York County New York

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3 Responses to Exploring Nolita, New York’s Most Photogenic Neighborhood

  1. Natalia September 27, 2017 at 12:10 am #

    All of this amazing food is reason enough to visit! Great photos!

  2. Alice November 5, 2017 at 3:34 pm #

    Wow, great pictures! Nolita is my favorite NYC neighbourhood with SoHo. Your article makes me very nostalgic!

  3. Christian @ Say Hello To America November 18, 2017 at 11:43 pm #

    Oh wow, this really is a photogenic neighborhood! Adding it to my next NYC visit.

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