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Sunset Kayaking in Melbourne

Tweet I’m always looking for unique local experiences when I travel and my trip to Melbourne was no different. While I had some bad luck the last time around, I was excited to try again and see the city in a different way. When I read about Melbourne Urban Adventures’ nighttime kayaking tour of the […]

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Visiting the Blue Mountains Independently

Tweet When planning my trip back to Sydney, I knew I wanted to take Sammi to the Blue Mountains for a day hike. She’s the outdoorsy one of the three of us, plus I wanted her to see the famed Three Sisters. We looked at a number of options, but really wanted the flexibility of […]

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The Big Trip To Do List

TweetI’ve told you all where I’m going, but there’s so much that goes into a trip like this. Traveling for three months means you have to be prepared for anything and the places I’ll be visiting need visas and vaccinations. This trip has been two years in the making, so now it’s time to finalize […]

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The Australiasian Adventure

TweetI alluded to an upcoming trip to Australia and Asia when I talked about my upcoming year in travel, but now it’s official. I’m going back to Australia. It’s a day I’ve been thinking about ever since I left Sydney on December 1, 2011. And this time, I’m taking my sister Sammi along with me. […]

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Into the Deep

TweetA man chases a green flash, bounding through the forest. He doesn’t let the iguana out of his sight and doesn’t want to miss the chance for a nice dinner, as it is a common source of protein in this part of Mexico. It slithers through the leaves quickly, but the man won’t be outsmarted […]

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Making Your Dream Trip a Reality

Tweet We all have one (or many) places we’ve always dreamed of going or experiences we want to try. It’s the picture framed in our bedrooms, our screensaver on our computers or the “most pinned” image on our Pinterest boards. It seems like something you will do “someday,” when the time is right. But if […]

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On Body Issues and the Turkish Bath

Tweet I’ve been skinny for most of my life until the last four or five years. I developed cushioning in places I never had it before, namely on my hips. I’m not overly self conscious about my appearances, but I certainly think I have work to do in terms of getting in shape. I’m not […]

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Hot Air Ballooning with Royal Balloon

Tweet My wake up call comes at 5:30 am. I was so excited that I barely slept and I laid out my clothes and camera in advance. I was picked up by the folks of Royal Balloon, where I was served a full breakfast before we headed out to the launch point. There are few experiences […]

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Sailing in Turkey with BusAbout

TweetThis is the second installment in a series about my experiences traveling through Turkey with BusAbout. For part 1, which covers the overland Turkey Adventure, see this post. Before I even thought about traveling overland through Turkey, I knew I wanted to sail there. I had heard about the Sail Turkey trip that BusAbout offered […]

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Overland Through Turkey with BusAbout

Tweet When I was planning my trip for this season, I knew I wanted to go to Turkey but didn’t know how to go about it. This was another trip where I felt more comfortable joining a tour rather than traveling alone. Once I saw that BusAbout, one of my favorite tour companies, offered a […]

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