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Staying Stylish on the Road

Tweet For someone that travels as much as I do, it can be hard to keep up any semblance of a beauty regimen. I hardly wear makeup, but it can be several months between haircuts. And don’t even think about manicures and pedicures unless there’s a special occasion coming up, namely conferences or friends’ weddings. […]

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Flying Over Atlanta

Tweet Some days my job has perks. Last week was one such day. I was going to a media preview of the Great Georgia Air Show, which took place over the weekend south of Atlanta in Peachtree City. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, but I figured if nothing else, I would […]

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Photo Friday: Dream Cars

TweetOne of my favorite things about my hometown of Atlanta is the arts scene, specifically the High Museum of Art. They’ve always got an interesting exhibit going on, like works from the Louvre and the Terracotta Soldiers, and local folk art works from my favorite artist, Howard Finster. This year’s big exhibit was Dream Cars: […]

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Atlanta in the Snow

Tweet In case you hadn’t heard, my hometown of Atlanta was a hot mess last week when we received two inches of snow and had to shut down the city with cars abandoned on the road in a truly spooky¬†Walking Dead style. The last time I experienced a storm like this was before I left […]

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Photo Friday: Atlanta, Georgia

Tweet I may have a mild fear of heights, but I love the views from said heights. Seeing the buildings, cars and trees like tiny dots from above is unparalleled. I’ve been to Surfers Paradise’s Skypoint Tower, Toronto’s CN Tower and of course the Empire State Building in New York City. But it took me […]

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Riding in Cars with Friends

TweetI’m a big fan of community-driven websites and companies, namely the concepts behind CouchSurfing and MealSharing. Any opportunity to bring people together is ideal in my book. So when the folks at Lyft got in touch about their recent launch in Atlanta, I was intrigued. Lyft is the most recent in a string of smartphone […]

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Photo Essay: Atlanta Street Art

Tweet I’ve talked about my favorite places to spot street art all over the world, from Berlin’s East Side Gallery to Melbourne’s Hosier Lane. But what about where I live? Atlanta is certainly an “up and coming” city with hip neighborhoods comparable to those in Brooklyn but at half the price. My favorite neighborhoods for […]

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Atlanta via Instagram

TweetSo I may not have been posting here as often as I usually do, mostly due to work commitments, but I have been Instagramming as much as ever. This is the longest I’ve ever lived in Atlanta since I moved away at 18. I always thought this city was lame when I was growing up, […]

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The Best Free and Cheap Things to Do in Atlanta

TweetI’ve lived in Atlanta for most of my life and have become a professional at having fun with hardly any money. Experiencing the my city doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are plenty of free and cheap things to do in Atlanta. Start by downloading the Scoutmob app on your iPhone, which offers 50% […]

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Exploring Atlanta’s Ponce City Market

TweetI’ve always had a fascination with abandoned spaces, finding beauty in the derelict and wondering how buildings came to end up this way. There are plenty of these types of buildings in my hometown of Atlanta, which had an industrial boom in the early 1900s that has left our city with many unique warehouse spaces. […]

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