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Sleeping Like a Local at Sydney Central YHA

TweetReturning to Sydney was an odd sensation, as I spent over six months living there in 2011, riding the train to work everyday past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This time around, I did something I never did back then: I stayed at a hostel in Sydney. I was lucky enough to be able […]

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Frequently Asked Questions on Solo Travel in Turkey

TweetIf I haven’t proven to you by now what a beautiful place Turkey is and why it’s worth visiting, I will never convince you. I guess the delicious food, friendly people and historical landmarks aren’t for everyone. But if you are thinking about visiting Turkey, I want to answer some questions that have been asked […]

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Packing for 3 Months in Asia

TweetThis trip has been two years in the making, so of course I’ve gone over what to pack about a million times in my head during that time. I knew I wanted to get as close to going carry on only as possible, although it’s hard to manage when you’re flying long-haul carriers and regional […]

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The Night I Got Engaged in Izmir

TweetI’d been traveling overland around Turkey for over a week and was constantly surprised at how much I was enjoying myself. I’d gotten to know my fellow travelers and we seemed to be getting along. As we drove further and further away from Istanbul, I was falling more and more in love with the country. […]

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Interview with Student Travel Expert Andy Steves

TweetIn 2012, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my travel idols, Rick Steves. Today I’m pleased to interview his son, Andy Steves, who has become a travel expert in his own right with his company Weekend Student Adventures. He organizes tours for study abroad students and travelers in Europe. What made you want […]

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The Big Trip To Do List

TweetI’ve told you all where I’m going, but there’s so much that goes into a trip like this. Traveling for three months means you have to be prepared for anything and the places I’ll be visiting need visas and vaccinations. This trip has been two years in the making, so now it’s time to finalize […]

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The Australiasian Adventure

TweetI alluded to an upcoming trip to Australia and Asia when I talked about my upcoming year in travel, but now it’s official. I’m going back to Australia. It’s a day I’ve been thinking about ever since I left Sydney on December 1, 2011. And this time, I’m taking my sister Sammi along with me. […]

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Where Am I Going in 2014?

Tweet A new year brings the promise of new adventures and I’ve been looking forward to this year for a long time now. Flo, one of my best friends from my time in Australia, got engaged in 2012 shortly after I got home and told me her plans to get married in Thailand. So that […]

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Traveling as an INFJ

TweetHave you ever wondered what makes some of us seek travel and solo experiences over others? If you’ve never taken a look at your Myers-Briggs personality type, I highly recommend doing so today. I’ve spent the last year thinking a lot about why I am the way that I am, even speaking with a therapist […]

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The Ultimate Australian Bucket List

Tweet My time in Australia was chock full of continuously surreal experiences. How can you not see a kangaroo in real life or learn the lingo? As I reflect back on my time in Australia and plan a future trip, I’ve created the ultimate Australia bucket list of the experiences you can’t visit Oz without […]

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