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Regrets and Illness on Koh Tao

Tweet From the moment the ferry got close to Koh Tao, I was already filled with regret. After spending the last week and a half on Koh Samui for my friend’s wedding, I thought I’d had enough island time, but that wasn’t the case. While parts of Koh Samui were certainly beautiful, particularly the area […]

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Adventures in Transportation: Southeast Asia

Tweet Getting around Southeast Asia is never dull, rarely on time and always a gamble. What seems like a straightforward journey can be an epic adventure, so be prepared for just about anything. You’ve got dozens of options at your disposal on how to get around, so why not try a little bit of each? […]

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Experiences Worth Having in Southeast Asia

TweetI’ve talked about plenty of things I don’t think are worth it in Southeast Asia, namely things that other people think are fun that I’m not overly interested in. The Full Moon Party. Elephant rides. Tubing in Vang Vieng. Selfies with tigers at Tiger Temple. Shooting off guns in Vietnam. Halong Bay party cruises. But […]

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Keeping Your Sanity on Budget Airlines

Tweet Flying on budget airlines can save you plenty of money, but can make you want to rip your hair out from all the extra fees and nonsense that go along with it. In my years of being a budget traveler, I’ve flown Ryanair in Europe, JetStar in Australia and Asia, AirAsia in Asia and […]

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Beng Mealea: The Temple That Almost Wasn’t

Tweet Beng Mealea is one of Siem Reap’s lesser visited temples and was long so for good reason: land mines set up by the Khmer Rouge. Only a few people had visited the temple before its mines were cleared in the last decade and those who did faced a painful death if they took the […]

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Where I Slept in Southeast Asia

TweetI didn’t sleep in the same bed for more than a week for the last three months, including some luxury hotels, some guesthouses and my fair share of boats and trains. Most were to my liking and we soon learned that for $20 USD per night, we could get comfortable rooms, free breakfast and free […]

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What I Want in a Halong Bay Cruise

Tweet When planning a trip to Vietnam, I heard too much information about Halong Bay cruises. I was inundated with information, so it became hard to know where to start. While I’d heard lots of good things about the Hanoi Backpackers Castaways cruises, it became clear to be that I would be expected to party […]

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Remembering the Killing Fields

Tweet Children play loudly in the yard of the school next door to the site. Do they know what happened here? I ask myself. Do they know that children their age, along with their parents, were killed here daily, beaten against trees, hacked with machetes? For their sakes, I hope they don’t know just yet. I […]

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Fear and Loathing and Songkran

Tweet I’d heard fellow travel bloggers talk about how much they loved the Thai New Year, known better as Songkran, so much that I scheduled by Asia leg of the trip around it. Following a marathon day of travel through Darwin, Singapore, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we arrived at the end of the first day. […]

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Traveling the Top End with Wayoutback

Tweet When I decided to add Darwin to my itinerary, I immediately started looking for tour companies that led trips to the national parks, Kakadu and Litchfield. There are lots of tour companies that range in levels of luxury and in length of trips, but many didn’t operate during the rainy season at all. Thankfully, […]

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