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Celebrating 7 Years of Caroline in the City

Tweet In past years, I’ve marked the date in my calendar, but this year, it took noticing my Facebook memories to jog my memory. Seven years flew by for me, starting with a cookie-cutter Blogger website to my current one, which I designed myself. Despite the fact that little has changed about this blog in […]

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2015: My Year in Review

Tweet When people asked me what I was up to this year, I quickly replied, “Staying busy.” And while it was a standard answer, it was also true. I traveled over 120 days this year, at least one week out of every month. It included 11 states, two of which were new to me, and one […]

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The Truth About Working With Brands

On Finding Brands You Love

Tweet I try not to write too much about the logistics of blogging here because it’s not usually of interest to those who aren’t bloggers, but this one connects with everyday life. I’ve written about my favorite travel brands and what makes them so great. I’ve recommended countless products, destinations, and hotels. Sometimes I got […]

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How to Start a Travel Blog

How to Start a Travel Blog

Tweet I get asked a lot of questions about what it’s like to run a travel blog and how to go about starting one. You may have already read posts on other blogs like this, but it’s time to share how I started my blog, my mistakes you can avoid and why you should start […]

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Six Years of Caroline in the City

Tweet I must admit that my sixth anniversary of Caroline in the City completely passed me by. I didn’t realize until after I came home from a week in Louisiana. It seems like things just keep getting better for the blogs and my writing career and I hope this momentum continues. Highlights of my year […]

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5 Years

Five Years of Caroline in the City

Tweet Five years. 60 months. 1,825 days. This is the time that has passed since I sat at my desk in my Charleston apartment and typed out my first post on my recently created Blogger site. Looking back on those posts, I feel so silly, as they’re nothing more than photos and typed journal entries […]

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