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how to travel the world on $50 a day

Can You Travel the World on $50 Per Day?

Tweet Can you travel the world on $50 per day? This is the question asked by the book How to Travel the World on $50 A Day by Matt Kepnes, now in its second edition. Travel blogger Nomadic Matt has talked about budget travel and the easiest way to see the world on a shoestring for […]

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What It’s Like to Be a Travel Blogger

Tweet I have two roles: writer and blogger. I’ve written extensively about what I do as a freelance writer, but rarely talk about being a travel blogger, mainly because so many of my colleagues have summed it up perfectly. I’ve been part of this community for over 5 years, which has brought me new friends […]

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Five Years of Caroline in the City

Tweet Five years. 60 months. 1,825 days. This is the time that has passed since I sat at my desk in my Charleston apartment and typed out my first post on my recently created Blogger site. Looking back on those posts, I feel so silly, as they’re nothing more than photos and typed journal entries […]

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Introducing the #Tweet2Toronto Journey

Tweet via peo pea Call me a glutton for pain, but I seem to have an attraction to long overland journeys. My family and I drove up the entire east coast of the United States to Maine and back. I took a Greyhound bus all the way up the east coast of Australia, from Sydney […]

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Four Years of Caroline in the City

TweetThis blog has been around for as long as a presidential term or as long as I was in college. It’s almost old enough to head off to kindergarten. When I started Caroline in the City, it was 2009. I was in my junior year of college looking for a diversion after a breakup. I […]

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What I’ve Learned Since TBEX 2010

Tweet The first conference I ever went to was Travel Blog Exchange in New York two years ago. I was still on Blogger and most of my readership was located in Charleston, where I lived at the time. I was overwhelmed by all the “big” bloggers and lessons I learned. The conference sort of turned […]

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Same Changes

Tweet A few of you filled out a survey that I created to give me some information on my readers and direction on what I need to do more or less of. Thank you so much for the feedback and I have taken it to heart. I’m breaking down the things I’ve learned from your […]

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Making Travel a Priority in College

Tweet The question I am asked most often in reference to my blog and lifestyle in general is, “How are you able to travel so much? I wish I could do that.” It’s mostly people from high school or college who maybe had one study abroad experience and that was the extent of their travels. […]

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Three Years of Caroline in the City

Tweet It must be that time of year because in the past week I’ve read about Everything Everywhere‘s 5 year travel anniversary and the two year blog anniversaries of Over Yonderlust and LandLopers. And here I am, at my three year anniversary of my first, albeit boring, post on Caroline in the City. On my […]

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Lucky 7: The Best and Worst of Caroline in the City

Tweet In case you’ve been living under a blogosphere rock, TripBase has started this web chain letter called My 7 Links to celebrate two years of their blog. One blogger tags five, those five tag five and so on. It was only a matter of time before I received said chain letter (but this one […]

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