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Photo Essay: San Francisco’s Chinatown

Tweet When visiting the ethnic neighborhoods of big cities, it can sometimes feel more like Epcot than a real place where real people live. For example, there aren’t many Italians left in New York’s Little Italy, but there are plenty of restaurants claiming authenticity. I had the same reservations about San Francisco’s Chinatown. But it […]

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where i'm going

Where I’m Going in 2015

Tweet I hardly any concrete travel plans as of today, but I know that will change. I’m leaving my year open to possibilities, because I’ve been pleasantly surprised thus far! I hope for another opportunity like Malaysia, which was unexpected and amazing. But here are the few places on my radar for 2015, apart from […]

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2013-06-02 23.12.04

Not All Tours Are Created Equal

Tweet Many “independent” travelers are immediately turned off by the word tour. They picture large groups huddled around a tour guide with an umbrella or worse, a portable microphone, spouting out facts about whatever random attraction they’re standing in front of. They picture fanny packs and knee high socks and massive tour buses. The hear […]

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