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Caroline in the City Guide to Toronto

Tweet After visiting Toronto, Canada for a conference a few years back, I found the city to be perhaps one of the most underrated in North America. The city is a melting pot of different cultures, bringing in ethnic eateries with influences from China, Vietnam, India and beyond. The young and hip have moved into […]

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2013-08-15 19.46.52

My Favorite Eats of 2013

TweetWhy yes, it is that time of year where I get to relive my gluttony favorite meals from my travels of the year. I sure got around in 2013, so my favorite eats are certainly varied. And I’ve gotten worse about how many pictures I take of my meals, meaning they are much more frequent. […]

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The Art of the Day Trip

TweetThere’s not always enough time to devote a full stay at a given destination, which is where the day trip comes into play. Throughout my travels, if I’ve found myself with an extra day, I’ll take the train to another city to wander around. It allows me to see something new without having to deviate […]

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Jet Boating at Niagara Falls

Tweet Visiting Niagara Falls without getting on a boat is like going to Paris and not seeing any art: it’s unheard of. I had already been misted at the Journey Behind the Falls but was ready for the real deal. Unfortunately due to time constraints, we had to cancel our trip on the Maid of […]

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Not All Tours Are Created Equal

Tweet Many “independent” travelers are immediately turned off by the word tour. They picture large groups huddled around a tour guide with an umbrella or worse, a portable microphone, spouting out facts about whatever random attraction they’re standing in front of. They picture fanny packs and knee high socks and massive tour buses. The hear […]

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Views of Niagara Falls

TweetWhen you think of iconic North American experiences, a few landmarks immediately come to mind. For me, it’s the Statue of Liberty. Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon. Mount Rushmore. The Golden Gate Bridge. And of course, Niagara Falls.  As a born and raised East Coast girl, I’m not sure how I had never been here […]

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2013-06-04 23.06.53

Return to Montreal

Tweet It had been six years since I wandered the Europeanesque streets of Montreal. When I decided to attend the Travel Blog Exchange conference in Toronto, I knew I wanted to retourner à Montréal but to do it differently this time around. Sure, I had a great time visiting during college fall break with my friend Scotti, […]

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