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The Art of the Day Trip

TweetThere’s not always enough time to devote a full stay at a given destination, which is where the day trip comes into play. Throughout my travels, if I’ve found myself with an extra day, I’ll take the train to another city to wander around. It allows me to see something new without having to deviate […]

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They’re Playing My Song

TweetHave you ever been in a foreign country, surrounded by the unfamiliar, only to find something from home? I’ve had three run-ins with familiar songs while abroad and they always come at the most bizarre times. The Song: “Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles The Moment: My friend Christine and I were in Amsterdam for […]

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The World is My Boyfriend

TweetThe title sounds sort of like “the world is my oyster,” which is also true. It was a tie between this title and “travel is my relationship,” which sounded a little like “Love Is My Religion.” I’m obviously overthinking this post, so it must be time to decrease my caffeine intake. This post, as many […]

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Losing My Independence

Tweet This post was inspired by conversations with people about solo travel and reading lots of blog posts. If you want to know more about traveling alone, visit Gray’s blog at I first planned a trip alone because most of my friends don’t have the same desire or budget to travel. They’re mostly homebodies, […]

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