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The Art of the Day Trip

TweetThere’s not always enough time to devote a full stay at a given destination, which is where the day trip comes into play. Throughout my travels, if I’ve found myself with an extra day, I’ll take the train to another city to wander around. It allows me to see something new without having to deviate […]

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Hostel Review: Silver Gate Hostel

TweetI know you’re sick of hearing about Croatia, but this is different…sort of. I haven’t reviewed a hostel in a while (mostly because I hadn’t stayed in one in a while), so I thought I would assess my summer hostel stays. [photo] Part of what I loved about Split was the people I met at my […]

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I Left My Heart in Split

Tweet How do you sum up your favorite trip you’ve ever taken? I don’t know what made me love Croatia so much. Could it be that I was thrilled to get to be on my own time frame after having everything planned for me in Thailand? Was I looking for something more familiar, like the European trips […]

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