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My Favorite Eats of 2014

TweetI’ve been to five countries and countless cities this year, eating my way through the best food as I went. I think with my stomach at all times and when you flip through the photos from my trip, it shows. Since giving up dairy last November, I’ve had more limited options than I did in […]

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My Favorite Atlanta Restaurants

Tweet Inspired by the recent post of my friend Lisa at LL World Tour on her favorite Chicago eats, I’ve compiled a long list of my favorite places to eat in my hometown of Atlanta. I still find this city to be an under-the-radar destination for most people and when I was working on my […]

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Eating and Drinking in Puerto Rico

TweetWhen getting ready for my trip to Puerto Rico, I assumed that the food would be similar to Mexican food. But on our first night in San Juan, the server at Cafe Puerto Rico told us all we needed to know about the food on the islands. It’s based heavily in proteins and starches with […]

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Video: Eating Vietnam

Tweet As if my post on Vietnam’s Street Food wasn’t enough, I’ve made a video called Eating Vietnam about all the delicious things I ate during my month there. If you like what you see, please subscribe on YouTube!

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Vietnam’s Street Food Culture

Tweet When I went to the travel doctor to get shots for my trip to Asia, she specifically told me that I wasn’t to eat anything from street vendors or anything I hadn’t seen cooked. I smiled at her and then mentally laughed. How could I possibly go to Asia without trying any street food? […]

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My Favorite Eats of 2013

TweetWhy yes, it is that time of year where I get to relive my gluttony favorite meals from my travels of the year. I sure got around in 2013, so my favorite eats are certainly varied. And I’ve gotten worse about how many pictures I take of my meals, meaning they are much more frequent. […]

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My Favorite Turkish Meals

Tweet What made my trip to Turkey so memorable was definitely the people, but the food also stands out in my mind. I’d had “Mediterranean style” cuisine before, namely kebabs, but I had dishes I’d never heard of and may never find back home. What’s so memorable isn’t necessarily the restaurants themselves but the dishes, […]

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I’m Going to Baton Rouge!

Tweet via Visit Baton Rouge I’ve been in New York for the past week and I’m already off again with just enough time to drop off my bags, repack and return to the airport for Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I spoke with the lovely folks from Baton Rouge at TBEX in Toronto a few months ago, […]

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Return to Montreal

Tweet It had been six years since I wandered the Europeanesque streets of Montreal. When I decided to attend the Travel Blog Exchange conference in Toronto, I knew I wanted to retourner à Montréal but to do it differently this time around. Sure, I had a great time visiting during college fall break with my friend Scotti, […]

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Dining at Halcyon Flavors from the Earth

Tweet I wasn’t always such an avid foodie. There was a long stretch of my life when food was something I avoided, a hassle at best. But within the last few years, I greatly enjoy trying new restaurants with friends and splurging on the occasional meal. When I’m traveling, however, I usually settle for ramen […]

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