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The Best of Atlanta’s Westside

Tweet Between college and my year in Australia, I was living at home and interning at a now defunct newspaper. It was located on a side of Atlanta I hadn’t spent much time in, but my friend lived nearby so we would often meet for lunch. I was lacking funds back then, especially between working […]

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From Cacao to Chocolate

Tweet As we traipsed through the forest, following our guide, my mind was on my exposed arms and the potential for mosquito bites. It was too hot to wear long sleeves, so I was distracted until I saw the brightly colored, football-shaped items dangling in odd spots from trees. There didn’t seem to be any […]

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Eating and Drinking in the Dominican Republic

Tweet The two trips to the┬áDominican Republic weren’t planned as such, so my knowledge of Dominican food was limited. We don’t have many Dominican restaurants in Atlanta and I assumed it would be similar to other Caribbean flavors I’d tasted in Puerto Rico and at local Cuban restaurants. What I found instead was some of […]

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My Favorite Eats of 2015

TweetThis year involved over 120 days of travel in 8 states and I didn’t visit as many countries as last year, but learned more about the types of food found throughout the south. It’s so much more than fried chicken! Some of my stomach issues have been resolved since last year and I’ve become […]

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Exploring Soho with Eating London

Tweet Whoever says that British food isn’t good, and is heavy and unhealthy, isn’t eating the right dishes. A common misconception is easily broken once you check out London’s ethnic eating enclaves and sit down for a true Sunday roast at a neighborhood pub. One of my favorite things about visiting a destination is checking […]

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Adventures in Eating Overseas

TweetJudging by some Instagram accounts, you’d think the world is full of delicious things and travelers always eat well. I’m here to set the record straight and say that is┬ánot true. Not only have I had food poisoning overseas, but I’ve ordered things without having a clue what they were. Sometimes I’ve been glad I […]

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My Favorite Snacks for Travel

Tweet  We’ve all experienced the feeling. Our eyes get a little blurry, our stomach grumbles loud enough for passersby to hear and we become irrationally angry. It’s known as “hangry” and it’s a condition I suffer from. I fret about finding my way in a new city and worry if I will ever find somewhere […]

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My Favorite Southeast Asian Meals

TweetYou can eat Thai food almost anywhere in the world, but it’s nothing like having the real deal. My experiences in Southeast Asia really blew me away in terms of what kind of cuisine I fell in love with. Some of my favorite eats of the year were dishes I wouldn’t have tried back home. […]

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Traveling with Food Sensitivities

Tweet For the past year, I’ve been nearly completely dairy free. I’d heard that eliminating it from my diet could help with my eczema, which has grown worse over the last two years, especially made worse by weather, stress and other factors. I first noticed the flare ups in Australia and they came up again […]

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My Go To NYC Restaurants

Tweet If there’s one American city I’ve been to more than any other (that I haven’t lived in), it’s probably New York City. In the last few years, I’ve gone every six months and have my own little home in Hell’s Kitchen, particularly the few blocks between my hotel and the Javits Center. One of […]

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