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Thankful List 2014

Tweet Blessed. It’s a word I’m sick of seeing on Instagram, but on this day, it’s true. It’s the day I reflect on the good in my life, on the great people I’m surrounded by and the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have. I create these Thankful Lists every year since I was 15 […]

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Thankful List 2013

Tweet Another whirlwind year passes and I have so much to be thankful for. I am constantly amazed at all the opportunities I’ve been given and the people I’ve met this year. I’m thankful for the places I’ve been able to visit, including Florida, Canada, Baton Rouge and Turkey. I’ve had other moments that weren’t […]

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Nomadism and Friendship

Tweet One of the problems with being a sketchy flaky “free spirit” like myself is that you find yourself having difficulty making deep connections with others. I try not to get too close to people because I know one of us, probably myself, will eventually leave. I know a lot of people living in every […]

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