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The Best of Atlanta’s Westside

Tweet Between college and my year in Australia, I was living at home and interning at a now defunct newspaper. It was located on a side of Atlanta I hadn’t spent much time in, but my friend lived nearby so we would often meet for lunch. I was lacking funds back then, especially between working […]

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The Perfect Atlanta Weekend with Loews Hotels

Tweet I’ve lived in Atlanta for most of my life, but there’s still plenty I haven’t done. I rarely see it from the eyes of a visitor, apart from when I’m doing research for a story. So when the opportunity presented itself to have a “staycation” in Atlanta, I jumped at the chance. The Loews […]

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Atlanta’s Best Cocktail Bars

TweetWe all love a carefully concocted beverage. For me, it was always beer, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve appreciated the art of mixology even more. Atlanta has a surprising cocktail culture for being the land of sweet tea and Coca-Cola. I made it my mission to check out some of the city’s best cocktail […]

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Atlanta’s Best Coffee Shops for the Self-Employed

Tweet The coffee shop is the center of the freelancer universe, a place outside of the home where we can come together to block each other out with our headphones and lattes. Some of these establishments are included, despite their suburban locations, for their excellent coffee, strong WiFi and access to food. Thankfully there is […]

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Ponce City Market: Atlanta’s Hippest Food Hall

Tweet For much of my high school days, before I fell in love with travel, I spent all my money on concerts and shows. My friends and I would pile into the Honda Accord that I still drive and carpool downtown to see our favorite bands play at The Masquerade, a historic mill and music venue. […]

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A Weekend in Athens, Georgia for the Post-Graduate Crowd

Tweet Over the last seven or so years, I’ve spent a lot of time in Athens, a rural area an hour and a half northeast of Atlanta. It’s home to the University of Georgia and is one of the South’s most notable college towns, but there’s so much more to it than that. Both of […]

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Photo Friday: Macon, Georgia

Tweet Name a musician or group from the last 50 years and they probably have ties to the South. Places like Memphis and Muscle Shoals were known for their recording studios, but it was a small city in the heartland of Georgia that is responsible for names like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Otis Redding […]

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Photo Friday: Senoia, Georgia

Tweet While I consider myself a city girl, I love road tripping through small towns and backroads that the South is known for. Within 45 minutes of driving out of Atlanta in any direction, I can be in actual farmlands, cows and all. Last month I finally made it to a town I’d been wanting […]

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Visiting (Surprisingly Hip) Augusta, Georgia

Tweet Ask five people what they know about Augusta, Georgia and perhaps three couldn’t tell you anything, one would mention the Masters and another might confuse Augusta with the city of the same name in Maine. Prior to this year, my experience in Augusta had been limited to the rest stop, where I would go on […]

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How to Spend a Layover in Atlanta

Tweet Most people’s knowledge of the Atlanta is based solely on the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (or LaToya Jackson Intergalactic Spaceport). Many travelers pass through on their way elsewhere, but not all get to see beyond it. While I’ve never had my own long layover in Atlanta since it’s my home airport, I […]

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