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The Art of the Day Trip

TweetThere’s not always enough time to devote a full stay at a given destination, which is where the day trip comes into play. Throughout my travels, if I’ve found myself with an extra day, I’ll take the train to another city to wander around. It allows me to see something new without having to deviate […]

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Visiting World War II and Holocaust Sites

TweetIt’s difficult to visit anywhere in the world without encountering some form of World War II history. It’s everywhere, from the remnants of bombed churches in Hamburg to the beaches of Normandy and even museums here in the United States. It’s hard for many of us to understand that time period since it seems so […]

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A Visit to Dachau

TweetSome tourist attractions aren’t supposed to be fun or to be crossed off your bucket list. Some are somber and meant for reflection. The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. The Killing Fields in Cambodia. Hiroshima in Japan. And it’s not all Oktoberfest and pub crawls in Munich, but rather a place with history. For some, this […]

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The Most Beautiful Abandoned Spaces

TweetI’ve always been fascinated with abandoned spaces since the first time I saw the run down family home on my grandmother’s street in Adairsville, Georgia. What makes these places become abandoned? Who forgot about them? What did they leave behind? I’m in love with the stories and have even created an Abandoned Spaces Pinterest board, […]

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