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Where I Slept in Southeast Asia

TweetI didn’t sleep in the same bed for more than a week for the last three months, including some luxury hotels, some guesthouses and my fair share of boats and trains. Most were to my liking and we soon learned that for $20 USD per night, we could get comfortable rooms, free breakfast and free […]

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Sleeping Like a Local at Sydney Central YHA

TweetReturning to Sydney was an odd sensation, as I spent over six months living there in 2011, riding the train to work everyday past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. This time around, I did something I never did back then: I stayed at a hostel in Sydney. I was lucky enough to be able […]

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The Best of Turkish Hostels

Tweet I pride myself on being a budget traveler who is most comfortable in hostels. I can discern what makes a great hostel and what doesn’t. And lucky for me, I only experienced the best Turkish hostels. I can’t complain about a single place I stayed, which is truly unique. Remember what I said about how lovely […]

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Caroline in the Everglades

Tweet Between four days at a hip but pricey hostel in South Beach Miami and four days in the Florida Keys (more on both later), I spent one night in the Florida City/Homestead area. It’s the jumping off point for exploration of the Everglades National Forest, one of only two types of these wetlands in […]

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Best Free and Cheap Things to Do in Sydney

Tweet I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Australia is expensive. Sydney is certainly no exception and is likely more expensive than any other city in the country. While the US dollar is nearly even with the Australian dollar, it will take you much more of those dollars to buy the same items. But […]

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The Cost of Traveling in Australia: Accommodation

TweetThis is the second post in a series about the cost of traveling in Australia, this time focusing on accommodation. Keep reading next week for the budget guide to food and drinks in Australia. Another important aspect of keeping the cost of traveling in Australia low is in regards to accommodation, which quickly eats away […]

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The Best and Worst of Austrian and German Hostels

Tweet During my time in Australia, I stayed at a lot of hostels and it was easy for me to categorize my Best and Worst of Australian Hostels. In Austria and Germany, however, it was the little things that made up each of my experiences. There were things I didn’t like about great hostels and […]

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PLUS Hostel Berlin: Luxury for Backpackers

Tweet “You have champagne tastes on a beer budget.”  I’ve been told this many times, mostly since I want to travel all the time but don’t want to save up enough money for it. But when I arrived in Berlin, I found out that I can have both. PLUS Hostel Berlin is luxury accommodation on […]

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Munich: Not for the Faint Livered

Tweet Porto prepared my liver for the destruction of Oktoberfest with all those 1 euro Super Bocks and port tonics at La Boheme, a bar that became the blogger haunt in my week there. Or so I thought. After a typical experience with Ryanair (read: not good), I arrived at Memmingen, Munich’s “other” airport, where […]

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Caroline in the Alps

Tweet If you haven’t yet learned this about me already, I will say it again. My favorite hostels are almost always the smaller, family-run establishments. Ozzie Pozzie and Banana Benders in Australia immediately come to mind. So when I began planning my visit to Innsbruck I knew I wanted to stay at Doug’s Mountain Getaway, […]

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