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Lessons From My First Triathlon

Tweet Optional activity: Brett Robinson Coastal Triathlon When the email came across my inbox, I considered it only briefly before saying yes. It was an add-on to a press trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, a place I hadn’t been in well over a decade. I considered myself to be a moderately fit person, if not a bit […]

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On the Importance of Self Care

Tweet I’m not really a self-help follower. Despite the fact that some of my favorite reads from this year fall into that category (Rising Strong!), buzzwords like self-care tend to turn me off. It’s all a little hippy-dippy for me and seems straightforward. Of course, I take care of myself! But it goes further than […]

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On Knowing Your Creative Worth

Tweet The question I get asked more and more from aspiring or new writers is how much to charge for certain projects. It’s something I still struggle with, especially as some are best for a set fee while others are better on an hourly basis. For years, I happily accepted the rates of publishers, not […]

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The Year of Discomfort

Tweet New Years resolutions don’t really mean much to me. Everyone seems to make these grand, sweeping declarations like “I’m going to get into shape!” or “I’m going to live in the moment!” without any practical ways to do it. I am just as guilty, of course. Past resolutions have been items like “visit 10 […]

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On Falling Without a Net

Tweet For a few years now, people have asked me what I do for a living. I mumble about blogging and writing and they follow up with, “So you do that full time?” The answer was always no, as I had a few side jobs to make ends meet. This included a job for a […]

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solo travel

Things That Are Better As a Solo Traveler

Tweet If you travel solo, as I do, there are certainly ups and downs. Sometimes things get awkward, lonely and difficult. There are long bus rides, travel illnesses, lost bookings and plenty of mishaps. But there are a lot of things that are better as a solo traveler. These are the things you have a […]

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On Guilt and Apologies

Tweet I’ve always been called a worrywart. Anxious. Guilty. I’m full of emotion at any given time. There’s always a voice in the back of my head thinking, “Did I say something stupid? Does everyone hate me?” People make jokes about Catholic guilt, but I have non-denominational guilt. Sociopaths are people who feel no sort […]

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real usa

Traveling the Real USA

TweetI’ve come to look for America. – Simon and Garfunkel, “America” Standing in Times Square a few weeks back, surrounded by throngs of people posing for pictures with costumed characters and ladies with painted on tops, I couldn’t help but think that this is not the real America. Visitors who get sucked into the neon […]

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how travel saved me

How Travel Saved Me

Tweet The Caroline of 2002 is a shell of who I am today. If I saw her, I’m not sure I would recognize her. She spent the first few days of trips to Paris and London in the darkened hotel room watching television and hardly eating. She wouldn’t try new dishes and avoided leaving her […]

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