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Into the Deep

TweetA man chases a green flash, bounding through the forest. He doesn’t let the iguana out of his sight and doesn’t want to miss the chance for a nice dinner, as it is a common source of protein in this part of Mexico. It slithers through the leaves quickly, but the man won’t be outsmarted […]

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They’re Playing My Song

TweetHave you ever been in a foreign country, surrounded by the unfamiliar, only to find something from home? I’ve had three run-ins with familiar songs while abroad and they always come at the most bizarre times. The Song: “Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles The Moment: My friend Christine and I were in Amsterdam for […]

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Viva la Margarita!

Tweet Drinking margaritas at the college favorite La Hacienda, Charleston There is one thing you should definitely know about me. I love margaritas more than any other drink on earth (minus Coke of course). When I finished with my last final, I decided that if I am ever bedridden, I want an IV of margaritas. […]

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Cruise Diaries: Part Three

TweetDays 5 & 6 (8-4-09 to 8-5-09) What a completely unreasonable day. Upon arriving in Mexico, we took a taxi to Paradise Beach, where we paid $10 for use of kayaks and water slides. Being the idiot I am, I jumped off the water trampoline and gashed by foot onto the reef. We went through […]

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