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The Art of the Day Trip

TweetThere’s not always enough time to devote a full stay at a given destination, which is where the day trip comes into play. Throughout my travels, if I’ve found myself with an extra day, I’ll take the train to another city to wander around. It allows me to see something new without having to deviate […]

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Visiting Braga’s Bom Jesus

Tweet Bom Jesus do Monte, or “Good Jesus on the Mount,” is a sanctuary high above the city of Braga in northern Portugal. Records indicate a shrine here dating back to 1373. It’s present incarnation has been on the site since 1722. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming and I was inspired by […]

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My Favorite Portuguese Meals

TweetWhen people ask what I did in Portugal the only thing I can think to tell them, other than blog and drink, is eat. Northern Portugal has some fantastic food that reminds me of my time in the Portuguese neighborhood of Marrickville back in Sydney. The coastal region has plenty of fantastic seafood, meat and […]

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