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On Finding My Confidence

Tweet As an INFJ, I’ve never been someone who felt at home in the spotlight. When I was in high school theater, I always worked behind the scenes or in small roles. In leadership roles in college organizations, I did the same. So I guess it makes sense that I would start a blog where […]

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where to go after graduation

Where to Go After Graduation

TweetTraveling after graduation from high school or college is a rite of passage. I started planning for my graduation trip long before my senior year of college. Dozens of destinations flitted around my brain until I finally landed on Croatia. I’d heard about the country on an episode of Rick Steves and a friend told […]

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post graduate options

Post Graduate Options for Travelers

Tweet So you’re graduating from college (or high school). Now, what? I looked through my options a few months before graduation and considered a number of things like graduate school, volunteering and work at newspapers. But I didn’t pick any of them and decided to travel instead. There are a number of ways to see new […]

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Five Years Since Graduation: What Have I Learned?

TweetThis week marks five years since I graduated from college. Five years since I donned the white dress, carried the red roses and walked across the Cistern for the first time. Five years since I left my beloved Charleston to go traveling, which became indefinite. Five years since I made the decision to become a […]

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What I Learned in College

Tweet My degree is a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the College of Charleston, currently framed and leaned against my closet door, gathering dust since 2010. I’m frequently asked why I got that degree and by some, why I wasted my parents’ money on a degree I wasn’t even going to use. I sometimes wonder […]

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27 Things to Do Before Turning 27

Tweet Today is my 26th birthday, thus ushering me into the age known as “late twenties.” My 25th year was one of personal growth and physical fitness. I learned to accept my figure, but despite that lost weight and gained muscle after two a day workouts many days of the week. I ran my first half […]

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Interview with Student Travel Expert Andy Steves

TweetIn 2012, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my travel idols, Rick Steves. Today I’m pleased to interview his son, Andy Steves, who has become a travel expert in his own right with his company Weekend Student Adventures. He organizes tours for study abroad students and travelers in Europe. What made you want […]

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26 Things to Do Before Turning 26

TweetToday I turn 25. Someone asked me if I’m having a quarter-life crisis. I replied that my whole life is a quarter-life crisis. Somehow these posts have become my most successful, so I’m glad that readers can relate to setting goals for each year. In the past year, I crossed off eight of my 25 items. I […]

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A Year of Races: The Results

Tweet When I got home from Australia, I needed something to throw myself into. I wasn’t as active walking to work, so I signed up for a race my friend Elizabeth was doing. From there, I made it my goal to run one race every month for an entire year. I hate running but I made […]

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You Can’t Go Home

Tweet I’ve long considered Charleston more of my “home” than Atlanta. While I was raised in Georgia, Charleston is where I did most of my growing up and what made me into the person I am today. It’s where I learned to live with others, where I balanced work and play, where I found out the […]

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