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Read This Blog: Maiden Voyage

Tweet Behind the blog: When I met Emily Starbuck Gerson at Travel Blog Exchange, I didn’t know much about her blog, but once I checked it out, I couldn’t get enough! She’s an accomplished writer in her own right outside of the blogosphere. What’s in a name?: “I spent a long time contemplating what to […]

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Read This Blog: A Dangerous Business

Tweet Behind the blog: In a matter of months, Amanda Williams’ A Dangerous Business has become one of the most influential travel blogs. Her Thursday Traveler and Best Blogs feature always give shout outs to those who deserve it. What’s in a name?: “The name of my blog, A Dangerous Business, was actually inspired by a […]

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Read This Blog: 48 Hour Adventure

Tweet Behind the blog: Justin Morris, another Aussie living in London (who I met on my quick November trip there), runs the site 48 Hour Adventure, in which he tells you how to spend two days in a European city. He’s covered Venice, Copenhagen and every city in between. What’s in a name?: “I decided […]

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Read This Blog: The Aussie Nomad

Tweet  Behind the blog: I’ve been a longtime fan of Chris Richardson’s blog, namely because of my obsession with Australia. I barely missed him at a tweetup in London, but I know our paths will cross one day soon. In the meantime, I fear his Vegemite Challenge that I’ve already said I would be a […]

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Read This Blog: Locationless

Tweet Behind the blog: I met Nick Laborde at the first unofficial Atlanta Travel Tweetup with Spencer and Ali at a great Irish pub downtown. I hadn’t read his blog, StretchD at the time, beforehand, but sure added it to my RSS feed after. His blog covers so much more than travel, since he is […]

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Read This Blog: L’Americaine

Tweet Behind the blog: Laura Motta is one of the dozen of great travel bloggers I met this summer at TBEX. She showed me around her adopted hometown of New York City (she’s originally from Boston, where I went next) and took me out to Thai for lunch! She’s a great writer and thoughtfully composes […]

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Read This Blog: The Jetpacker

Tweet  Behind the blog: This never-boring blog is run by best friends Bret and Jackie. They share some of their travel tales, but mostly provide us with the most bizarre and hilarious travel stories on the web. What’s in a name?: “Even though the name of our blog suggests that we own and know how […]

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Read This Blog: Vagabond 3

Tweet Behind the blog: There are plenty of reasons why I love this blog, written by Jade, Bob and Rob. Let’s start with their love affair with Mexican food, which I share. And then there’s the great coverage of their trip to Australia. Last but not least, they’re super nice and I finally got to […]

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Read This Blog: Connvoyage

Tweet Behind the blog: I found Connie Hum’s blog when she guest posted for my Favorite Travel Memories series. Connie seems truly fearless, whether it comes to sampling the local delicacy, crashing an Indian wedding or holding a giant snake. Although she’s spent the last couple of months in Southeast Asia, it hasn’t been all […]

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Read This Blog: Travel Yourself

Tweet Behind the blog: Travel Yourself is a solo travel show by host and Canadian filmmaker Cailin O’Neil. You may also have seen her travels on her blog Cailin Travels. She’s always up for a meetup and seems to know someone in every country! After our night at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London, I […]

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