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packing for a blue cruise

Packing for a Blue Cruise in Turkey

Tweet One of the quintessential experiences of traveling in Turkey’s Mediterranean region is going on what’s known as a “blue cruise.” Named for the Turkish boats calledĀ gulets that sail the crystal blue waters, it’s a way to see the region’s ruins and history while soaking up the sun and eating the best food the country […]

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The Night I Got Engaged in Izmir

TweetI’d been traveling overland around Turkey for over a week and was constantly surprised at how much I was enjoying myself. I’d gotten to know my fellow travelers and we seemed to be getting along. As we drove further and further away from Istanbul, I was falling more and more in love with the country. […]

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Turkey’s Biblical History

Tweet I grew up going to church every Sunday. I knew the stories and the bible verses by heart. But as I grew older, it became harder to see the difference between facts and stories. This trip to Turkey changed all of that. While I’ve never visited the traditional Holy Land, Turkey has so many […]

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My Favorite Eats of 2013

TweetWhy yes, it is that time of year where I get to relive my gluttony favorite meals from my travels of the year. I sure got around in 2013, so my favorite eats are certainly varied. And I’ve gotten worse about how many pictures I take of my meals, meaning they are much more frequent. […]

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On the Trail of St. Nicholas

TweetDespite some idiotic claims from FOX News that Santa was white, there is a fascinating history behind Saint Nicholas, the real man who is the basis of our Santa Claus. While many of our images of Santa come from advertisements for Coca Cola, St. Nicholas was born in Greece in the third century. He became […]

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