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Caroline in the City Guide to San Francisco

Tweet Known as the Fog City and City By the Bay, San Francisco has gone through dozens of incarnations. In the 1800s, it was a frontier town for those going after the gold rush. In the 1970s, it was the ground zero for counterculture and hippie life. Today, it’s a combination of everything, featuring Silicon […]

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Photo Friday: Boone, North Carolina

Tweet My body can’t seem to keep up with the seasons, as I left moderate climes in Georgia to visit my sister in the mountains of North Carolina before heading down to Florida, where it was still in the 80s. But it really felt like fall there so I broke out my sweaters and boots […]

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Visiting (Surprisingly Hip) Augusta, Georgia

Tweet Ask five people what they know about Augusta, Georgia and perhaps three couldn’t tell you anything, one would mention the Masters and another might confuse Augusta with the city of the same name in Maine. Prior to this year, my experience in Augusta had been limited to the rest stop, where I would go on […]

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Caroline in the City Guide to New York City

Tweet New York City is one with dozens of nicknames, whether you prefer the “city that never sleeps” or the “Big Apple.” But one thing is for certain: the five boroughs have more than their fair share of personality squeezed into each neighborhood. Sometimes you forget you’re in a thriving metropolis and feel more like […]

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Photo Friday: New York, NY

Tweet Another day, another post about New York City, this one well overdue from my trip in August. It’s become almost routine, hopping on a plane every six months, mostly with difficulty because of weather, scheduling meetings with friends and working like crazy. This time around I was coming off of working and traveling since […]

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Snapchatting the Magic Kingdom

Tweet How did I find myself walking around Walt Disney World this past week? It’s kind of a funny story. A few months back I volunteered to speak at a conference in Orlando on behalf of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, where I am the secretary. I agreed to it and then didn’t give it […]

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real usa

Traveling the Real USA

TweetI’ve come to look for America. – Simon and Garfunkel, “America” Standing in Times Square a few weeks back, surrounded by throngs of people posing for pictures with costumed characters and ladies with painted on tops, I couldn’t help but think that this is not the real America. Visitors who get sucked into the neon […]

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Photo Friday: Columbus, GA

Tweet One of the best things about living in Atlanta is the many places you can get to from there. I am 30 minutes away from the world’s busiest airport and within 8 hours of driving, I can get just about anywhere in the South. One of my closest friends moved a few hours south […]

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On Charleston, Tragedies and Community

Tweet Such a sad time in Charleston. I know a part of you will always be there. These are the words texted from my grandmother (yes, she texts!) last week after I’d heard about the shooting of nine people at a historic church in downtown Charleston. For a few days, it didn’t seem real. I […]

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Photo Friday: Charleston, South Carolina

Tweet It’s an odd feeling being a tourist in a place you used to call home, but that’s just what I did on my most recent trip to Charleston. I went back to the tourist attractions I never went to before and ones I returned to in order to take better photos of. I’m working […]

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