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Photo Friday: Columbus, GA

Tweet One of the best things about living in Atlanta is the many places you can get to from there. I am 30 minutes away from the world’s busiest airport and within 8 hours of driving, I can get just about anywhere in the South. One of my closest friends moved a few hours south […]

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On Charleston, Tragedies and Community

Tweet Such a sad time in Charleston. I know a part of you will always be there. These are the words texted from my grandmother (yes, she texts!) last week after I’d heard about the shooting of nine people at a historic church in downtown Charleston. For a few days, it didn’t seem real. I […]

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Photo Friday: Charleston, South Carolina

Tweet It’s an odd feeling being a tourist in a place you used to call home, but that’s just what I did on my most recent trip to Charleston. I went back to the tourist attractions I never went to before and ones I returned to in order to take better photos of. I’m working […]

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Photo Friday: Jekyll Island, Georgia

Tweet While humans are said to be made up of over 60% water, I feel like I’m more like 90%. I’ve always been a water baby, from my first visit to the beach at a few weeks old. My happiest places are by the water: Charleston, Sydney, Split. It was a particularly hectic week at […]

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Photo Friday: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Tweet Before the day spa and plastic surgery, before facials and girlfriend getaways, there was Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Ozarks town was known for being a resort with healing springs to cure all manners of ailments. Hotels and other businesses cropped around the waters of the springs, which were found in locations around town. I’d been […]

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girls weekend to charleston

How to Have a Girls Weekend in Charleston

Tweet One of the best places in the world for a girlfriend getaway is my former home of Charleston, South Carolina. I lived there for four years, two of which were in a house with five other girls, so you could say I’m something of an expert. The restaurants, bars, shopping and especially the beaches […]

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Photo Friday: Bentonville, Arkansas

TweetBentonville wasn’t originally on the itinerary. In fact, I had no itinerary when I first volunteered to drive out to Oklahoma with my dad. Back when my sister and I were traveling around Southeast Asia, my father beat out many other contenders from the South in a bass fishing tournament, which qualified him for the […]

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Photo Friday: Memphis, Tennessee

Tweet I hadn’t been in Memphis since 2012, but somehow I found myself here three times within a matter of weeks. On the front end of my Mississippi trip, I only saw the airport, but on the back end, my new friend Lisa at the Tunica CVB decided to show a few of us around […]

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Photo Friday: Clarksdale, Mississippi

Tweet Before hopping on a plane to Memphis, I knew very little about the area known as the Mississippi Delta. But what I found was a pleasant surprise, not to mention some of the lovely people I met. This area is known as “Ground Zero of the Blues,” with blues clubs and juke joints lining […]

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Exploring San Francisco’s North Beach

Tweet Traveling for work gives me very little time to play, but the travel gods decided I needed more time in San Francisco. After I realized that I wouldn’t be going home that day, my boss kindly booked me a room for the night in Union Square. I hauled my bags back onto BART and repeated […]

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