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Life List

  1. Walk across 5 major bridges:
    1. Ravenel in Charleston, SC July 2009
    2. Golden Gate in San Francisco, CA March 2000
    3. Millennium in London June 2005
    4. Brooklyn in New York, NY June 2010
    5. Harbour in Sydney January 2011
  2. Crush grapes with my feet at a winery.
  3. Hike the Grand Canyon.
  4. Spend New Years in every time zone.*
  5. Learn to scuba dive. November 2011
  6. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef. November 2011
  7. Bungee jump. November 2011, Cairns, Australia
  8. Skydive.
  9. Get a tattoo. July 2009
  10. Drive across the United States (preferably on Route 66).
  11. Drive in a foreign country.
  12. Get writing published in print. October 21, 2009- Charleston City Paper
  13. Get travel writing published in print. September 1, 2014 US Airways Magazine
  14. Visit every continent:
    • North America- July 1988 [born here]
    • Europe- May 2002
    • Asia – May 2010
    • South America
    • Australia- January 2011
    • Africa
    • Antarctica
  15. Run a race:
    • 5 K December 5, 2009
    • 10 K March 24, 2010
    • half-marathon March 23, 2014
    • marathon
    • triathalon
  16. Take pictures in a photobooth September 2008- Montreal
  17. Visit the a place of worship for ten major religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Bahaism, Confucianism, Jainism, Shintoism
  18. Be an extra in a movie and/or tv show, movie: 1993 “Stolen Babies,” tv: 2009 “U Cook with Chef Bob
  19. Ride a camel. September 2011
  20. Ride an elephant. June 2010 *I would no longer recommend this. See why.
  21. Go native on a nude beach.
  22. Climb to Machu Picchu and hike the Inca Trail.
  23. Send out a Christmas card. December 2012
  24. Turn 10 blog friends into real life friends. June 2010
  25. Travel alone July 2005-Washington DC for National Student Leadership Conference
  26. Tour 5 breweries:
    1. Heineken in Amsterdam December 2006
    2. Sweetwater in Atlanta November 2009
    3. Red Brick in Atlanta September 2010
    4. Kona in Kona, Hawaii June 2011
    5. XXXX in Brisbane, Australia October 2011
  27. Visit every state.
  28. Go to culinary school.
  29. Volunteer for one whole year.
  30. See a solar eclipse.
  31. Give blood at least once. December 23, 2011
  32. Learn to drive a stick shift.
  33. Read the top 100 novels of all time.*
  34. Visit: Buenos Aires, Belize, Rio de Janiero, Costa Rica, Croatia, Puerto Rico, Chile, Cuba, Cape Town, Haiti, Morocco, Copenhagen, Northern Ireland, Istanbul, Beirut, Greece, Israel, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Fiji, China, and Japan
  35. Buy a house.
  36. Attend a high school or college reunion. College: May 2015. High school: August 2017.
  37. Visit the hometowns of my grandparents or find where “my people” come from (either in America or in England).
  38. Swim in the Dead Sea (or float, rather).
  39. Try a food I would ordinarily never eat (exotic, not including sushi and oysters). Blood rice in Portugal, September 2012
  40. Couch surf. January 2011, Los Angeles, CA
  41. Fast for 24 hours. December 2015.
  42. Meet my heroes:
  43. Watch the IMDB Top 100 Films (24/100).*
  44. Attend Bonnaroo Music Festival or a similar festival (and camp!). June 2013
  45. Learn to play the banjo (that I’ve owned for a couple of years but has sat unplayed).
  46. Go to the world’s best parties:
    • Carnival in Brazil
    • Oktoberfest in Munich. September 20, 2012
    • St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin
    • Mardi Gras in New Orleans
    • La Tomatina in Buñol
    • Songkran in Thailand. April 13, 2014
    • Burning Man in Nevada
    • Holi in India
  47. Take a hot air balloon ride. Cappadocia, Turkey, October 8, 2013
  48. Cruise on the Nile.
  49. Sing at an open mic night.
  50. Re-design my blog December 2010
  51. Make a cookbook of my family recipes.
  52. Go to the Caroline Islands.
  53. Take pictures at the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Equator.
  54. See the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis.
  55. Go on a spontaneous trip with only a few hours planning. Blacksburg, VA November 2010
  56. Visit Four Corners and put an arm and leg in each state.
  57. Go on a safari in Africa.
  58. Live abroad for a year. Australia, January-December 2011
  59. Write a book.
  60. Take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing.
  61. Go zorbing.
  62. Fly first class at least once (a difficult feat for a penny-pinching backpacker!)
  63. Take my sisters on a Jane Austen tour of England, including filming locations of Pride and Prejudice.
  64. Learn to surf. Coffs Harbour, NSW, October 2011
  65. Take a road trip through California down the Pacific Coast Highway.
  66. Complete the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.
  67. WWOOF.
  68. Shave my head for a good cause.
  69. Eat vegetarian one day per week for at least six months.
  70. Bungee jump at every AJ Hackett site in the world.
    1. Cairns, Australia- November 2011
    2. Kuta, Bali
    3. Normandie, France
    4. Germany
    5. Macau, China
    6. Sochi, Russia
    7. Kuwarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand
    8. The Ledge, Queenstown, New Zealand
    9. The Nevis, Queenstown, New Zealand
    10. Auckland, New Zealand
  71. Go to South by Southwest in Austin.
  72. Hitchhike.
  73. Scuba dive:
    1. the Georgia Aquarium- August 19, 2012
    2. the SS Yongala in Townsville, Australia
    3. the Blue Hole in Belize
    4. the Riviera Maya in Mexico
    5. the islands in Thailand
    6. the Red Sea in Egypt
    7. the Florida Keys– May 3, 2013
    8. the Tectonic Plates in Iceland
    9. with whale sharks (anywhere!)
  74. Run a race every month for a year. – March 2012-March 2013
  75. Run a race overseas.
  76. Get a tattoo overseas.
  77. Do another working holiday before turning 30.
  78. See a concert at Red Rocks.
  79. Compete in the Mongol Rally or Rickshaw Run.

Did I miss any? Let me know!

*For more details, click on the stars next to certain life list items.*


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