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The Towns of the Tennessee Smokies

I grew up going to this part of the country every year growing up. My church youth group took an annual trip every January for a conference there, staying at the same Holiday Inn and frequenting the same shops. I also stayed there one summer with my grandparents, but it wasn’t the same without the […]

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Working Holiday FAQ (1)

Your Working Holiday Questions Answered

It’s the experience that changed my life and the direction of this website. After college, I applied for countless newspaper jobs, only to end up waiting tables. I applied for a working holiday visa in Australia, where I spent a year bartending, traveling, and meeting new people. It’s an experience I would recommend for almost […]

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Exploring North Alabama’s Best Small Town

Alabama was a state frequently overlooked in my travels, perhaps because it’s a short three-hour drive from my house. I’d passed through many times before and visited a friend at Auburn, but sought to rectify the missing destinations this year. In the fall, I road tripped through North Alabama, through the stunning mountains of Mentone […]

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Photo Friday: Knoxville, Tennessee

My sister’s best friend, and a good friend of mine as well, moved to Knoxville, Tennessee back in 2014. We made the trip up to see her and went back for her wedding last February. The only thing I knew about the town was its association with the University of Tennessee and that creamsicle shade […]

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Planning a Trip to Guatemala

I’ve remained mum on my travel plans for 2017, but that isn’t to say I don’t have any. Some have been in the works for a while but others were impromptu. So in case the title didn’t alert you, my first trip (that has started by the time this post goes live!) is to Guatemala. […]

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Behind the Curtain: January 2017

I’ve come to look forward to these monthly posts about what I’m into beyond travel because there’s so much more to my life than where I go, despite the fact that it’s something I love. It’s funny how many people respond with their obsessions or agree with mine! As with last month, I’m sharing the […]

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Writing Goals 2017

Writing Goals for 2017

This past year has been a real turning point for my career. I quit my other jobs to focus solely on writing. I became a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Freelancers Union. I got some stories published by major publications and picked up a few regular gigs. I’ve been asked […]

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Travel Writing Round Up [January 2017]

If you saw the last few editions of Travel Writing Round Up, welcome back! A lot are repeats from last month, but new posts are denoted with stars. I have checked all the links to ensure that they are still valid, but please let me know if I have missed one. I’ve also created an open Google Document where […]

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