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Halloween Wrap Up

I’m going to start by saying that I love Halloween. I love dressing up and I get really into it. So with this being my first Halloween as a 21-year-old and my last Halloween as a college student, I had to make it count. Here’s the results: My coworker Marina and I were covering Fangbanger’s […]

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Keep In Touch!

We’ve all done it. We’ve been to camp, conferences, etc. where we met some really cool people but didn’t expect to stay in contact with them. Our overly socially media obsessed generation has no real excuse for not staying connected. You’re not sitting at your desk writing long letters to your pen pal anymore. You […]

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Flying High

In association with a piece I was writing for the Charleston City Paper, I signed up for Aerial Yoga classes at Prime Time Fitness on Sullivan’s Island. I suck at yoga, so it was bound to be entertaining. Look out for the article next week. Please ignore my ickiness. It was 9 am. I’m sleeping […]

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Welcome to Hollywood

Hello Hollywood, I’m ready for my close up. No, not that Hollywood. Hollywood, SC, another spot for TV and film. I woke up early and made the trek out to Hollywood Studios for the taping of Chef Bob Waggoner of Charleston Grill‘s show “U Cook with Chef Bob.” My video production professor is the director […]

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Good Books Make for a Good Life

In honor of my fall break from school, I decided to do a little post on travel books since I may (hopefully!) have time to get some reading done. I am also doing a similar post on Examiner this weekend. Here are the best/most hyped travel books I’ve read in the past year and my […]

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Photo of the Day: Charleston, SC

“The Recession is Over”: Coming and Duncan streets I wonder if this is true. I sure hope so. I had a major meltdown in class the other day about my future. I’m afraid that I will get out into the “real world” and end up needing more school! That would be my current nightmare. Check […]

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The Notebook Charleston Tour

While many movies have been filmed in Charleston, my favorite is easily The Notebook. It presents the most beautiful parts of Charleston and Ryan Gosling isn’t too bad either. Here are the most recognizable filming locations: American TheaterĀ (above): The site of Allie and Noah’s movie double date. Although the theater is no longer functional, the […]

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