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The Perfect Weekend in Birmingham

Tweet When you think of Birmingham or even Alabama in general, what are your perceptions? Mine were the steel industry and the Civil Rights Movement. But a lot has changed since then. The 1960s were another lifetime ago for many of us. Instead, the Birmingham I witnessed was full of city pride and young people […]

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CITC Las Vegas

Caroline in the City Guide to Las Vegas

Tweet Originally settled by Mormons, the city of Las Vegas transformed quickly with the legalization of gambling. Names like Bugsy Siegel, the Rat Pack, and Howard Hughes came here to seek their fortunes, opening hotels, performing and perhaps partaking in less-than-legal activities. The city went through its Golden Age before the rise of the modern […]

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CITC Denver

Caroline in the City Guide to Denver

Tweet Known as the Mile High City, the Colorado capital is known for its mountain views and laid-back lifestyle. Within a matter of minutes, you can be mountain biking in the Rockies or walking in a thriving metropolis. You’ll find parks around the city to get your green kick and it’s easy to get around […]

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CITC Toronto

Caroline in the City Guide to Toronto

Tweet After visiting Toronto, Canada for a conference a few years back, I found the city to be perhaps one of the most underrated in North America. The city is a melting pot of different cultures, bringing in ethnic eateries with influences from China, Vietnam, India and beyond. The young and hip have moved into […]

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