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Things That Are Better As a Solo Traveler

Tweet If you travel solo, as I do, there are certainly ups and downs. Sometimes things get awkward, lonely and difficult. There are long bus rides, travel illnesses, lost bookings and plenty of mishaps. But there are a lot of things that are better as a solo traveler. These are the things you have a […]

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Awkward Moments as a Solo Traveler

TweetThere are so many great things about traveling alone. It leaves you open to possibilities, changes in your plans and new friendships. It teaches you a lot about how you handle situations and what you’re capable of. Some of my most rewarding travel experiences have been when I was solo. But there are a few […]

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For the Love of the Turks

TweetIt’s the best country in the world, the Turkish teenager proudly proclaimed to the Texan couple sitting behind me on the flight from Paris to Istanbul. I laughed to myself, as it certainly was a bold statement. As much as I love my homeland, I would never claim that the United States is the best […]

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My Solo Travel Promise

Tweet I have a secret that I am ashamed to share, but I feel like I have to. I hear the terrible news about female travelers getting murdered, beaten or raped abroad. Their names are seared into my memory. I think, and others vocalize, “How did they get themselves into that situation?” As if it […]

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2012: My Year in Review

Tweet I had no idea how I would be able to top 2011. I was in Australia for crying out loud. I did everything to the extreme, from bungy jumping to scuba diving. How could I possibly keep up that momentum in 2012? I wouldn’t say 2012 topped 2011, but I sure as hell tried. […]

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