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Why You Should Travel to Red States

TweetI’ve had this post formulated in my head for some time, especially since November, but a necessary prologue has been added. One question I field as a Southerner and expert on the region to people traveling here is about racism. I’d usually answer that there are some “bad apples,” like anywhere, but for the most […]

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My Favorite Eats of 2017

TweetIt’s the most delicious time of the year! I love looking back at the last 12 months to see what all deliciousness I was able to consume. This has become a regular feature here (see 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016). Tacos at La Esquina, Guatemala City, Guatemala I had a lot of delicious stuff in Guatemala, but one of my […]

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Travel Writing Round Up [October 2017]

Tweet If you saw the last few editions of Travel Writing Round Up, welcome back! A lot are repeats from last month, but new posts are denoted with stars. I have checked all the links to ensure that they are still valid, but please let me know if I have missed one. Check the open Google Document where you […]

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Floating the Dead Sea

30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

TweetAs I sit down to write this year’s birthday post, I can’t believe how long I’ve been making these lists. My very first one was when I was on the cusp of turning 23, what seems like a lifetime ago now. I was living in Australia with my then-boyfriend. This year, I celebrate 29 from […]

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2016: My Year in Review

Tweet Let’s just start now by saying that I will not be mentioning this year’s politics or how many ways that this year has sucked. Because these things are true. I don’t want to minimize the pain of many people in any way, but I instead want to talk about the highs and lows in […]

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Building a Travel Wardrobe

TweetI am ready to admit that I don’t have any fashion sense to speak of. When I started dressing myself, I mostly wore band t-shirts and sundresses with flowery headbands and cardigans. But as I’ve grown older and traveled more with real-life adults, I’ve developed my own travel wardrobe to take on every trip. I’ll never be […]

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Caroline’s Favorite Things 2016

Tweet It’s that time of year again! It’s time to recommend my favorite travel products for the traveler in your life. I have traveled at least a week out of every month this year so I’ve tested these products firsthand. These are all items that I regularly use and most are no more than $150. As […]

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Behind the Curtain: September 2016

Tweet I’ve come to look forward to these monthly posts about what I’m into beyond travel because there’s so much more to my life than where I go, despite the fact that it’s something I love. It’s funny how many people respond with their obsessions or agree with mine! As with last month, I’m sharing […]

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