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Behind the Curtain: November 2017

behind the curtain

I’ve come to look forward to these monthly posts about what I’m into beyond travel because there’s so much more to my life than where I go, despite the fact that it’s something I love. It’s funny how many people respond with their obsessions or agree with mine! As with last month, I’m sharing the things I’m obsessed with at the moment. Thanks for following along! Be sure to share what you’re loving this month below!


Because I’ve been working like a maniac this month, I haven’t had as much time as I wanted to spend reading for pleasure. But when I can spare a few minutes on the train to work, I’ve been reading The Walking Dead comics that I bought on sale from Barnes and Noble. I’m also still reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. To see what else I’m reading, check out my Goodreads Profile here.


I’m out of podcasts to listen to for the most part. I’m still listening to the same ones as before, but have only recently added Cults to my lineup. You can guess what it’s about… Recent episodes include Charles Manson’s “Family” and others I had never heard of.


It’s been a big month for my favorite shows and I’m not even caught up yet. Good Behavior, Mr. Robot, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things all returned. I’ve also been watching The Challenge, my MTV guilty pleasure. And in between heavy episodes of Mindhunter, which I really like, I’ve been watching lighter shows like Weeds and Love.


behind the curtain

The first thing I’m loving is Halloween, which I basically celebrated with a dozen costumes all month long. But also my new Beautyrest Sleeptracker, which I got from Influenster. This book writing process has been bad for my sleeping habits (including teeth grinding!) but I can now see just how well I sleep and what I can do to sleep better. A tracking device is put under your mattress, which records your breathing levels and when you get up. Since I don’t wear a Fitbit or other tracking device, this is one I can get onboard for!


It’s been a crazy month for work. It’s been time to buckle down on the book, meaning I’ve been writing an average of 1,000 words per day. Thankfully I’ve now hit my minimum word count and am working on the last few sections. But then comes editing. And during this time, I’ve still been working on existing projects like my work for Explore Georgia, which has expanded for the next year. I also completed work on a visitor’s guide. And again, if you want to be the first to know about the book’s release in 2018, sign up for my email list here! See what else I’m working on via my Contently profile.


behind the curtain

IOP Sunsets

This has been a crazy month. I started off with a week in Virginia, followed by a few days in Louisiana. Then there was Walker Stalker, a Walking Dead convention in Atlanta, that I covered on social media for Explore Georgia. I went to a few parties and then went out of town to Charleston for my friend’s 30th birthday. It was great to be back, but it reminded me that I couldn’t afford it anymore. Next up is a week in Chicago that I booked six months ago. My book is due NEXT WEEK, so after that, it’s celebration time. Coming up in December, I’m going to Florida for a quick last-minute press trip and possibly to Asheville for a writing retreat. Then come the holidays!


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