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Behind the Curtain: February 2018

I’ve come to look forward to these monthly posts about what I’m into beyond travel because there’s so much more to my life than where I go, despite the fact that it’s something I love. It’s funny how many people respond with their obsessions or agree with mine! As with last month, I’m sharing the things I’m obsessed with at the moment. Thanks for following along! Be sure to share what you’re loving this month below!


I finished reading The Good Girl and it wasn’t really my type of book, but was a fairly quick read. I tore through March: Book Two during an overnight extra job. Now I’m working on The Hate U Give, which I’ve heard so many good things about. To see what else I’m reading, check out my Goodreads Profile here (which is also my author page!).


I’m so glad that it finally launched! An old friend (the one who started Up & Vanished) launched Atlanta Monster, a look into the Atlanta Child Murders. I grew up hearing about it but didn’t know that much. I listened to Slow Burn, about the Watergate scandal, in a weekend. Conspiracy Theories has become another favorite, which goes into the death of Princess Diana and Area 51. I’ve also discovered the Swagger Spotify mix, which has some of my favorite tunes.


I’m counting down the days until my favorite shows come back, namely The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Atlanta, and Jessica Jones. But in the meantime, I’ve gotten into the award-winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, created by the Palladinos of Gilmore Girls fame. I also try to give a chance to the shows filmed locally, including Black Lightning and The Resident, which I was an extra on.


behind the curtain

Classpass was having a huge sale for the month of January, so I decided to give it a go. I went to 2-3 classes per week, trying everything from rowing to aerial yoga to pilates to kickboxing to barre. Some classes were a better fit for me than others, and some classes aren’t well described on the website, but I would recommend it. I’ve now moved on to only three classes per month, but it’s perfect for those with erratic schedules like mine. Get $40 off your first month!


When I said I was going to be spending a lot of time in Florida this year, I meant it. I spent five days at Universal Orlando Resort for Celebration of Harry Potter, which I’ll dive into soon. Needless to say, it was a dream trip. I was home for a few days before turning around and heading south again. I attended the Mardi Gras festivities in Panama City. In February, I’ll be going on a solo retreat in Asheville, one of my favorite cities. I’ll also be working on an exciting partnership in Nashville! More on that soon.


January and February are usually the slowest times of year for my work, but thankfully I’ve been staying busy! I finished work on another Atlanta-area visitor guide, which will be out in a few months. I’ve also completed work for some upcoming pieces with Marriott Traveler and Fodor’s. I’m also working on a few pieces for Explore Georgia and Atlanta-area magazines! See what else I’m working on via my Contently profile.

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