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Floating the Dead Sea

30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

TweetAs I sit down to write this year’s birthday post, I can’t believe how long I’ve been making these lists. My very first one was when I was on the cusp of turning 23, what seems like a lifetime ago now. I was living in Australia with my then-boyfriend. This year, I celebrate 29 from […]

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29 Things to Do Before Turning 29

Tweet Ten years ago, I first started traveling on my own. I was a naive college student who thought she knew things about the world but had very little real-life experience. Eight years ago, I set up this blog without thinking it could become my passion and future career. Six years ago, I went to live […]

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Writing a Book

28 Things to Do Before Turning 28

Tweet While some years, I find writing this post uplifting, this year I’m borderline depressed thinking about how little has changed since I turned 27 things. I still live at home. I still work the same seasonal job. Sure, there have been travel, blog and career highs this year, but the basics are the same. […]

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25 Things to Do Before Turning 25

Tweet I officially turned 24 years old today. I’ve been doing birthday lists for two years now and I’ve gotten more accomplished each and every year. This year I crossed off 11 items from the 24 Before 24 List: bungy jumped (#4), scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef (#5), gave blood for the first time […]

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