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Floating the Dead Sea

30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

TweetAs I sit down to write this year’s birthday post, I can’t believe how long I’ve been making these lists. My very first one was when I was on the cusp of turning 23, what seems like a lifetime ago now. I was living in Australia with my then-boyfriend. This year, I celebrate 29 from […]

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29 Things to Do Before Turning 29

Tweet Ten years ago, I first started traveling on my own. I was a naive college student who thought she knew things about the world but had very little real-life experience. Eight years ago, I set up this blog without thinking it could become my passion and future career. Six years ago, I went to live […]

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Writing a Book

28 Things to Do Before Turning 28

Tweet While some years, I find writing this post uplifting, this year I’m borderline depressed thinking about how little has changed since I turned 27 things. I still live at home. I still work the same seasonal job. Sure, there have been travel, blog and career highs this year, but the basics are the same. […]

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SEA Bucket List (1)

The Ultimate Southeast Asian Bucket List

TweetSoutheast Asia is a part of the world where you can have experiences you won’t find anywhere else. The colors are brighter, the flavors are stronger and the history is older. The parties are even crazier, lasting all night and bringing in travelers from every corner of the globe. Only you can decide what kind […]

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Thankful List 2014

Tweet Blessed. It’s a word I’m sick of seeing on Instagram, but on this day, it’s true. It’s the day I reflect on the good in my life, on the great people I’m surrounded by and the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have. I create these Thankful Lists every year since I was 15 […]

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The Ultimate-3

The Ultimate Australian Bucket List

Tweet My time in Australia was chock full of continuously surreal experiences. How can you not see a kangaroo in real life or learn the lingo? As I reflect back on my time in Australia and plan a future trip, I’ve created the ultimate Australia bucket list of the experiences you can’t visit Oz without […]

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