A City Girl’s Favorite Rural Experiences

I may have grown up in the suburbs, but I’ve always been more comfortable with the anonymity of cities over the wide open spaces. But my grandparents moved to the country when I was young and regular visits to see them started to make me comfortable with that environment. In my travels, I try to […]

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Awkward Moments as a Solo Traveler

There are so many great things about traveling alone. It leaves you open to possibilities, changes in your plans and new friendships. It teaches you a lot about how you handle situations and what you’re capable of. Some of my most rewarding travel experiences have been when I was solo. But there are a few […]

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Photo Friday: Frankfort, Kentucky

On my 21st birthday, my housemate wanted to buy me a drink. I told her I’d have whatever she was having, which is how I ended up drinking bourbon for the first time (after champagne, Hypnotiq, beer and assorted shots, naturally). I said it tasted like bandaids and promptly threw it up. This was my […]

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Hotel Amenities for the Traveler’s Home

I consider myself to be a fairly frequent traveler and I get excited about staying in new hotels or other types of accommodation. But at some point, I miss my own bed. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love the amenities of hotels: the clean white sheets, the plush bathrobes, the bathtubs and the oh-so-desirable […]

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how to travel the world on $50 a day

Can You Travel the World on $50 Per Day?

Can you travel the world on $50 per day? This is the question asked by the book How to Travel the World on $50 A Day by Matt Kepnes, now in its second edition. Travel blogger Nomadic Matt has talked about budget travel and the easiest way to see the world on a shoestring for years. […]

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Photo Friday: Savannah, Georgia

Despite living less than 5 hours from the coastal city, I’ve only been to Savannah a handful of times. I rarely had the need when I lived in Charleston, as we had a beach of our own, but went on a few day trips. But since I launched This Is My South, I knew it […]

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Writing Goals for 2015

I’m excited to put together another post on how my writing has done this year. Highlights of my freelancing career for 2014 include continued work for Her Packing List, including our well received e-book Eliminating Packing Nightmares, work for Skyword’s Mastercard Caribbean and Love This City programs, a large assignment for the Trivago blog, three issues […]

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Travel Writing Round Up [January 2015]

If you saw the last few editions of Travel Writing Round Up, welcome back! A lot are repeats from last month, but new posts are denoted with stars. I have checked all the links to ensure that they are still valid, but please let me know if I have missed one. Feel free to shoot me an […]

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Where I’m Going in 2015

I hardly any concrete travel plans as of today, but I know that will change. I’m leaving my year open to possibilities, because I’ve been pleasantly surprised thus far! I hope for another opportunity like Malaysia, which was unexpected and amazing. But here are the few places on my radar for 2015, apart from my […]

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What I Read in 2014

My goal for 2014 was to read 30 books. I certainly did that, but not necessarily 30 new books. I’ve re-read all but one of the Harry Potter series and am halfway through the Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor, but haven’t included these in my count. While I thought I would have more reading time […]

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2014: My Year in Review

The only thing I knew about at the beginning of 2014 was my three month adventure through Australia and Asia. But it was the ones I didn’t plan that really made this year so great. I usually take how I spend my New Years Eve to be a sign of things to come, but I […]

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Photo Friday: Saigon, Vietnam

Where Hanoi resembled a large town, with its alleyways offering fresh beer and any type of street food imaginable, Saigon is much like other Asian cities I’d visited. It was the last stop on a three month jaunt, including a whole month in Vietnam. While I probably loved Vietnam more than any other country we […]

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