Visiting Kuching’s Cat Museum

Kuching, Malaysia is known as “Cat City” for the Malay word kucing. While I didn’t see stray cats roaming around in the Borneo city like I did in Croatia and Turkey, you could see that they sure love their felines. Upon pulling into the parking lot of our hotel, we saw a large group of tourists […]

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Thankful List 2014

Blessed. It’s a word I’m sick of seeing on Instagram, but on this day, it’s true. It’s the day I reflect on the good in my life, on the great people I’m surrounded by and the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have. I create these Thankful Lists every year since I was 15 and […]

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Best Free and Cheap Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

Like much of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is a very inexpensive country for travelers. The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is a hub for most people visiting the country. You can stay in a guesthouse for under $10 USD per night and eat for even less. Tourist attractions can range in price, but are generally less […]

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Photo Essay: Annah Rais Homestay, Malaysia

Driving a few hours outside of the city of Kuching on the island of Borneo brings you back in time to a simpler way of life. The steel and concrete fade away, making room for trees, rivers and structures made of bamboo and corrugated tin. This is the land of the longhouse, where dozens of families […]

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Views from the Petronas Towers

It’s the only thing I knew about Kuala Lumpur before the email hit my inbox saying I’d been invited to Malaysia. I’d seen countless pictures posing in front of the Petronas Towers by day and night, some even in the hokey style of Leaning Tower of Pisa pictures. I’d hardly been in the country for […]

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Scenes from Deepavali in Malaysia

Malaysia may be a majority Muslim country, but its other faiths, Christianity, Buddhism and especially Hinduism, are well represented. Diwali, known as Deepavali in Malaysia, is one of the Hindu faith’s most beloved festivals and the celebration of light. Every year the government of Malaysia organizes a large celebration for the festival in one of […]

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An Afternoon with Orangutans

Looking into their eyes, you can see their minds at work. They’re more intelligent than we realize. The red haired apes even look human with their ability to hold objects in their hands. Orangutans are endangered and only found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively, and there are estimated […]

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Putrajaya’s Famous Pink Mosque

When I was in Turkey last year, the call to prayer’s haunting melodies sank into my mind, often telling me what time of day it was without once looking at my watch. It was my first visit to a predominantly Muslim country and it felt eerily quiet when I didn’t hear it anymore. But Malaysia […]

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The Colorful Streets of Melaka

My week in Malaysia was a whirlwind, as we never spent more than three nights in any place. Melaka, known by the British as Malacca, was one such place and I wish’d I’d been able to explore more of the historic city. The group was in town for a tourism conference and the country’s Deepavali […]

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Photo Friday: Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Still working through the jet lag, our group of travelers spent the day sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur, checking out top sights before continuing on to other cities in Malaysia. Our second day in town brought us to the Batu Caves, one of the most well recognized tourist attractions in the country. Welcomed by the giant golden […]

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Travel Writing Round Up [November 2014]

If you saw the last few editions of Travel Writing Round Up, welcome back! A lot are repeats from last month, but new posts are denoted with stars. I have checked all the links to ensure that they are still valid, but please let me know if I have missed one. Feel free to shoot me an […]

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Photo Friday: Lexington, Kentucky

This past weekend I crossed another state off my list: Kentucky. I flew to Lexington for a press trip to write about over on This Is My South. The itinerary included a lot of awesome stuff (food! beer! bourbon!), but certainly one of the best was attending a horse race at Keeneland, one of the […]

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