Behind the Curtain: May 2016

I’ve come to look forward to these monthly posts about what I’m into beyond travel because there’s so much more to my life than where I go, despite the fact that it’s something I love. It’s funny how many people respond with their obsessions or agree with mine! As with last month, I’m sharing the […]

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From Cacao to Chocolate

As we traipsed through the forest, following our guide, my mind was on my exposed arms and the potential for mosquito bites. It was too hot to wear long sleeves, so I was distracted until I saw the brightly colored, football-shaped items dangling in odd spots from trees. There didn’t seem to be any sort […]

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The Next Adventure: A National Parks Road Trip

Despite seeing about half of the United States thus far, I haven’t made it to some of the most notable places out west, including the national parks. This is an especially big year for the NPS, who are celebrating their 100th birthday. So my next adventure falls perfectly in line. I’ve been planning this trip […]

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Drinking at a Dominican Colmado

They call it a colmado. The meaning isn’t directly translated into English, but in the Dominican Republic, it serves as a place for both groceries and social gatherings, stemming from the verb for “to fulfill.” The sound of music and the need for cold beer brought my friends and me to a bodega-style corner store […]

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Photo Friday: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Located on the north shore of the Dominican Republic, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Plata was the original tourist town in the country before Punta Cana became the favorite destination. Christopher Columbus created a settlement nearby during his travels. And while the tourism is not what it once was, it’s seeing a resurgence thanks to […]

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responsible travel

The Importance of Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is a term frequently used by brands and those in marketing, but what does it really mean? Why is it important to consumers? How can you be responsible when you travel? Every tour company has its own definition, but this one from Intrepid Travel’s responsible business page sums it up best: Using public […]

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Caroline in the City Guide to Miami

The city of Miami, Florida elicits a number of images: Miami Vice, South Beach, and Little Havana. It’s where dozens of Caribbean cultures come together, including Cuban, Haitian, Dominican and much more. Miami is surrounded by water so there are miles of beaches stretching from the north and to both coasts of Miami Beach. Downtown […]

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Eating and Drinking in the Dominican Republic

The two trips to the Dominican Republic weren’t planned as such, so my knowledge of Dominican food was limited. We don’t have many Dominican restaurants in Atlanta and I assumed it would be similar to other Caribbean flavors I’d tasted in Puerto Rico and at local Cuban restaurants. What I found instead was some of the […]

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boca chica

Photo Friday: Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

If I had my way, every press trip would involve beach time. So luckily for me, part of my Santo Domingo itinerary included a day trip to Boca Chica, the closest beach to the Zona Colonial that is also on the way to the Las Americas International Airport. This water baby was thrilled to just be […]

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Atlanta’s Best Cocktail Bars

We all love a carefully concocted beverage. For me, it was always beer, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve appreciated the art of mixology even more. Atlanta has a surprising cocktail culture for being the land of sweet tea and Coca-Cola. I made it my mission to check out some of the city’s best cocktail […]

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A Wellness Weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them. – Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume that Sylvia was talking about a visit to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Because she’s right. What’s better than the healing properties of a good, […]

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Atlanta’s Best Coffee Shops for the Self-Employed

The coffee shop is the center of the freelancer universe, a place outside of the home where we can come together to block each other out with our headphones and lattes. Some of these establishments are included, despite their suburban locations, for their excellent coffee, strong WiFi and access to food. Thankfully there is an […]

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