Harry Potter Landmarks in England

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series like I am, you have to travel to the United Kingdom. I’ve been in London for two of the movie premieres and made special trips just to track down landmarks from the movies. And while there are even more filming locations throughout England and Scotland that […]

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oxford university

Visiting Oxford University’s Colleges

Oxford University, arguably the most prestigious in the United Kingdom, is actually made up of over 30 distinct colleges with their own emphases and history. They’re spread out all over town and are the spaces where the students learn, eat and live. Classes are held within each college, so it forms a tight-knit community. Each […]

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how travel saved me

How Travel Saved Me

The Caroline of 2002 is a shell of who I am today. If I saw her, I’m not sure I would recognize her. She spent the first few days of trips to Paris and London in the darkened hotel room watching television and hardly eating. She wouldn’t try new dishes and avoided leaving her comfort […]

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Beauty Secrets from a Low-Key Traveler

I’m as low key as they come in terms of beauty and fashion. I’m most comfortable in a soft vintage t-shirt and jeans with a pair of Converse. And my beauty regimen is even more limited, usually including tinted lotion and vaseline. I’ve heard it all over the years in regards to the rare occasions […]

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On Dealing with Haters and Doubters

“You don’t even want to find a job. You just sit on your computer all day.” I flipped around at my then-boyfriend, incredulous. We were arguing about why I hadn’t found a “real” job yet and about my “hobby” of blogging. I should have known then, but I didn’t. It would be easy to cast […]

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Photo Friday: Tupelo, Mississippi

One of the perks of being a writer with a focus on the South is all of the fun and bizarre places and events I get to see. It’s the small towns and the festivals like the Tupelo Elvis Festival in Tupelo, Mississippi that I went to a few months back.ย Sometimes I just have to […]

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Exploring Soho with Eating London

Whoever says that British food isn’t good, and is heavy and unhealthy, isn’t eating the right dishes. A common misconception is easily broken once you check out London’s ethnic eating enclaves and sit down for a true Sunday roast at a neighborhood pub. One of my favorite things about visiting a destination is checking out […]

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Behind the Curtain: August 2015

I’m testing out a new feature called Behind the Curtain here where I talk about what’s going on with me beyond my travels. Because, believe it or not, most of my days are pretty basic. I travel a week or two out of every month and beyond that, it’s a lot of running errands, working […]

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Caroline in the City Guide to Sydney

This is a new feature to Caroline in the City, the city guides to my favorite destinations in the world, featuring the best places to eat, stay and hang out.ย  Beyond the famous tourist attractions like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, Sydney is a chic, metropolis on the ocean. It’s surrounded on water […]

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Wandering Around London’s Shoreditch

Every city has the up-and-coming neighborhood that has quickly gentrified and is popular with the young and hip. You might have a graffitied wall next to a boutique coffee shop. For New York, it’s Bushwick. For San Francisco, it’s the Mission. For Melbourne, it’s Brunswick. For Atlanta, it’s East Atlanta. And for London, it’s Shoreditch. […]

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Photo Friday: Columbus, GA

One of the best things about living in Atlanta is the many places you can get to from there. I am 30 minutes away from the world’s busiest airport and within 8 hours of driving, I can get just about anywhere in the South. One of my closest friends moved a few hours south of […]

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travel writing

Travel Writing Round Up [July/August 2015]

Over the last nearly four years that I’ve been offering the Travel Writing Round Ups, I’ve been asked about why I started them. It began as a way to show that there are travel writing opportunities that pay, not just the Huffington Post “pay for exposure” model. I’ve received a lot of great feedback (and […]

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