Where I’ve Been Lately

A friend texted me the other day to say, “Is Caroline in the City on vacation? I haven’t seen any posts lately.” Busted. Yes, I’ve let this blog fall by the wayside in recent months. I seem to have more content than I know what to do with on This Is My South, but this […]

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On Charleston, Tragedies and Community

Such a sad time in Charleston. I know a part of you will always be there. These are the words texted from my grandmother (yes, she texts!) last week after I’d heard about the shooting of nine people at a historic church in downtown Charleston. For a few days, it didn’t seem real. I couldn’t […]

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Photo Friday: Charleston, South Carolina

It’s an odd feeling being a tourist in a place you used to call home, but that’s just what I did on my most recent trip to Charleston. I went back to the tourist attractions I never went to before and ones I returned to in order to take better photos of. I’m working on […]

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Adventures in Eating Overseas

Judging by some Instagram accounts, you’d think the world is full of delicious things and travelers always eat well. I’m here to set the record straight and say that is not true. Not only have I had food poisoning overseas, but I’ve ordered things without having a clue what they were. Sometimes I’ve been glad I […]

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Travel Writing Round Up [June 2015]

Over the last nearly four years that I’ve been offering the Travel Writing Round Ups, I’ve been asked about why I started them. It began as a way to show that there are travel writing opportunities that pay, not just the Huffington Post “pay for exposure” model. I’ve received a lot of great feedback (and […]

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Photo Friday: Jekyll Island, Georgia

While humans are said to be made up of over 60% water, I feel like I’m more like 90%. I’ve always been a water baby, from my first visit to the beach at a few weeks old. My happiest places are by the water: Charleston, Sydney, Split. It was a particularly hectic week at work […]

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Travel As Your Best Self

On a recent wellness travel trip, I had a discussion with fellow writers and competitive runners about your “non-negotiables” of traveling for races, or the things you have to do every single day to be at your best. For them, it was doing a practice run of the course beforehand. For travel, it could be […]

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On Finding My Confidence

As an INFJ, I’ve never been someone who felt at home in the spotlight. When I was in high school theater, I always worked behind the scenes or in small roles. In leadership roles in college organizations, I did the same. So I guess it makes sense that I would start a blog where I […]

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Photo Friday: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Before the day spa and plastic surgery, before facials and girlfriend getaways, there was Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Ozarks town was known for being a resort with healing springs to cure all manners of ailments. Hotels and other businesses cropped around the waters of the springs, which were found in locations around town. I’d been told […]

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girls weekend to charleston

How to Have a Girls Weekend in Charleston

One of the best places in the world for a girlfriend getaway is my former home of Charleston, South Carolina. I lived there for four years, two of which were in a house with five other girls, so you could say I’m something of an expert. The restaurants, bars, shopping and especially the beaches make […]

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maxwell scott

Maxwell Scott’s Raffaelle: My New Favorite Toiletry Bag

For someone who travels as much as I do, a ziploc bag for a toiletry bag just won’t do. Until now, I’ve used a combination of a huge Vera Bradley toiletry bag, a small TSA friendly bag and a tiny Travelon case for makeup. So when Maxwell Scott offered to send me The Raffaelle, one […]

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where to go after graduation

Where to Go After Graduation

Traveling after graduation from high school or college is a rite of passage. I started planning for my graduation trip long before my senior year of college. Dozens of destinations flitted around my brain until I finally landed on Croatia. I’d heard about the country on an episode of Rick Steves and a friend told […]

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