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After graduation, I and thousands of my contemporaries found ourselves with low paying part-time jobs or none at all, despite degrees and qualifications. I was sick of working in a cafe and feeling like I wasn’t living up to my potential. I didn’t want a 9-5 career. I wanted to travel. So I did.

It started with a summer volunteering in northern Thailand, sailing in Croatia and road tripping up the East Coast of the United States. After another measly restaurant job, I left for a year-long working holiday in Australia. During this time, I launched into a freelance writing career.

This blog is all about getting out there and discovering the world for yourself instead of settling into a life that’s comfortable. It’s about pushing aside all your insecurities and learning how to go after what you want, even if that means traveling solo. It’s about throwing your perceptions of the “real world,” a house, a steady job, kids, out the window for one of your choosing, no matter the location. It’s also about the high-value experiences you can find for not much money and opting for experiences that won’t hurt the environment or its people.

The Best of Caroline in the City

I’ve categorized the most important posts from Caroline in the City from over the years to ease you into reading.

About Me

Learning more about the girl behind the blog, my goals, and personality

Charleston and College Living

My college years in Charleston and advice for fellow students

My Australian Working Holiday

My year traveling and working down under and tips for planning your own working holiday

Life Down South

Random musings from a Southern girl

Travel Rants and Manifestos

My rants and raves about travel and life

Travel Budgets, Packing Lists, and Essentials

The how-tos of traveling and backpacking

Photo Essays

My favorite photo essays from my travels

If you want to find a specific post, check out my Archives.

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