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As a millennial travel blog, I want this page to be where readers can come for resources about what responsible tour companies they should book with and the like. It’s still a work in progress!

Responsible Travel

Many want to “give back” when they travel, but you want to make sure that you’re actually contributing, not just adding to the problem. These organizations are invested in their projects but allow travelers to get involved.

  • Intrepid Travel– the leader in responsible budget-friendly travel
  • Elephant Nature Park– an elephant sanctuary in Thailand
  • Vayando– founded by a former Peace Corps volunteer, this company pairs travelers with local entrepreneurs to learn their trades
  • Earthwatch Institute– this organization actually lets you join fieldwork and research projects worldwide so you know you’re making a difference responsibly.
  • International Volunteer Programs Association– Vet your potential project through this company, who has strict standards for their partner programs to make sure both sides benefit.
  • Habitat for Humanity– Work on short and long term projects through this international organization that builds homes for those in need.

Millennial Travel

These are brands that I think “get” what this demographic is all about: unique experiences, high value without breaking the bank, and stylish design.

  • Busabout and Contiki– Owned by the same company, both are reaching the 18-35 market in different ways but offer flexible travel options worldwide.
  • Ace Hotels– They’re not just a chic chain of hotels, but they also offer small room and bunk options so that you can enjoy the amenities without the price.
  • Freehand Hostels– This company has totally changed the way we think about hostels, first with their award-winning Miami property, now followed up by Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • Airbnb– The original millennial brand, Airbnb introduced us to living like a local anywhere we go.

Travel Blogs

These are blogs that I regularly read. To see what I’m reading by the day, follow me on Bloglovin. I will not be adding any to my list and will not accept emails soliciting links.

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