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Exploring Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood

Tweet If you’d visited the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami less than a decade ago, you would see a very different place altogether. Originally a Puerto Rican neighborhood, it was known mostly for its warehouses and import/export businesses. Some still stand, surrounded by graffitied nightclubs. In the late 1990s, artists began to move in.¬†¬†Today, it’s the […]

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The Colorful Streets of Melaka

Tweet My week in Malaysia was a whirlwind, as we never spent more than three nights in any place. Melaka, known by the British as Melaka, was one such place and I wish’d I’d been able to explore more of the historic city. The group was in town for a tourism conference and the country’s […]

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Photo Friday: Dream Cars

TweetOne of my favorite things about my hometown of Atlanta is the arts scene, specifically the High Museum of Art. They’ve always got an interesting exhibit going on, like works from the Louvre and the Terracotta Soldiers, and local folk art works from my favorite artist, Howard Finster. This year’s big exhibit was Dream Cars: […]

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Photo Essay: Knoxville Street Art

Tweet I’ve found street art all over the world including places I knew had a thriving art culture, like Melbourne, Berlin and Miami, as well as places I didn’t expect it from, like Toronto, Porto and my hometown of Atlanta. But I didn’t expect that during a short overnight trip to Knoxville, Tennessee, I would […]

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Photo Aug 06, 11 13 04 AM

Photo Essay: Atlanta Street Art

Tweet I’ve talked about my favorite places to spot street art all over the world, from Berlin’s East Side Gallery to Melbourne’s Hosier Lane. But what about where I live? Atlanta is certainly an “up and coming” city with hip neighborhoods comparable to those in Brooklyn but at half the price. My favorite neighborhoods for […]

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2013-06-02 23.01.55

Photo Essay: Toronto Street Art

Tweet Street art has become my favorite thing to discover in a new city. I was in Toronto for the Travel Blog Exchange conference and was staying at Planet Traveler near Kensington Market, a place ideal for spotting street art. And while in the past I’ve simply taken pictures of what I thought looked interesting, […]

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