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Traveling the Top End with Wayoutback

Tweet When I decided to add Darwin to my itinerary, I immediately started looking for tour companies that led trips to the national parks, Kakadu and Litchfield. There are lots of tour companies that range in levels of luxury and in length of trips, but many didn’t operate during the rainy season at all. Thankfully, […]

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Tips for Backpacking Australia

Tweet Australia is one of the most backpacker friendly countries in the world, particularly for its ease of acquiring visas for most countries, ease of transportation through the backpacker trail and its culture of casual jobs. Their working holiday program is the most popular way for young people to see the country and it’s easy […]

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Best Free and Cheap Things to Do in Melbourne

Tweet Traveling in Australia is expensive by most standards, so when visiting the cosmopolitan capital of Melbourne, you’ll want to do your best to cut costs. It’s difficult to avoid if you want to take advantage of the city’s best restaurants, bars and hotels, but if you would rather keep your funds going, here are […]

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The Top End: The Real Australia

Tweet If you want to see Australia for what it once was, long before the migration of European convicts and where the Aboriginals may have first arrived themselves, there’s only one place left to find it. Australia’s Top End is a wealth of protected wildlife and natural forests and each is known for something different. […]

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Swimming with Crocs in Darwin

Tweet Australia makes me do stupid adventurous things.  If I can say one thing about my time spent in Australia, both in 2011 and now in 2014, is that it’s been exciting. It started with sleeping in the open in the Outback with dingoes roaming around nearby. Then the riding a motorcycle through rural Queensland. And […]

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Photo Friday: Eureka Skydeck, Melbourne

Tweet While Sydney has its famous attractions like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Melbourne is content with its atmosphere and cafe culture. But if there’s one attraction you’ll see in every guidebook, it’s Eureka Skydeck. This residential building is the 14th tallest in the world, at 975 feet (297.3 meters) and happens to have […]

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Wild and Weird Darwin

Tweet Bats gliding from tree to tree in the magic hour before darkness. A strong Aboriginal presence, from the galleries selling their famous pointillated artwork to the people escaping the heat under the Banyan tree. World War II history as Australia’s Pearl Harbor. Sunsets coating the tropical northern sky like grenadine. Gateway to the national […]

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Sunset Kayaking in Melbourne

Tweet I’m always looking for unique local experiences when I travel and my trip to Melbourne was no different. While I had some bad luck the last time around, I was excited to try again and see the city in a different way. When I read about Melbourne Urban Adventures’ nighttime kayaking tour of the […]

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An Education in Australian Wildlife at Taronga Zoo

Tweet Australia is full of unique creatures, most of which are native only to the island nation. They’re on their coins and coat of arms and I’ve been lucky to see many of them in the wild or throughout my travels. But for a well-rounded introduction to exactly what makes Australia a special place for […]

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Tune Hotels: A La Carte Luxury

TweetBudget travel is how I operate, as I try to get as much money out of an experience as I can, allowing me to travel for longer. I’m comfortable in hostels for this reason, but I occasionally stay in hotels when the value is right. When I was looking for a place to stay in […]

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