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The Best of Atlanta’s Westside

Tweet Between college and my year in Australia, I was living at home and interning at a now defunct newspaper. It was located on a side of Atlanta I hadn’t spent much time in, but my friend lived nearby so we would often meet for lunch. I was lacking funds back then, especially between working […]

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Visiting Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco

Tweet One of my few vices that I fully indulge when traveling is visiting breweries, along with art museums and street art. My first attempt of the trip was thwarted when I didn’t want to wait 45 minutes for a table at 21st Amendment Brewery. Instead, I tried my luck at signing up for a […]

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Streetside Beer in Hanoi

Tweet Images from my college days are immediately conjured, of pumped kegs and frothy brews. But my current experience couldn’t be farther from Charleston parties. Rather than handing someone a wad of cash for a red Solo cup full of Miller Lite, surrounded by acquaintances, I’m sitting on a plastic stool in an alley of […]

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How to Have a Girls’ Night Out in Bangkok

Tweet Whether you love or hate Bangkok, you have to admit that there are all sorts of things to keep you entertained. If you’ve seen The Hangover 2, you know that this can often be a dangerous quality to the city, where ladyboys and cheap drinks are plentiful and streets like Soi Cowboy and Khaosan Road […]

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Why I Skipped the Full Moon Party

Tweet If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, and wisdom comes with age (right?!), it’s that things that are “the thing to do” aren’t always worth doing. It could be that club drug whose name changes weekly. Or seeing an overrated movie. Or visiting a place you have no interest in […]

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The Single Girl’s Guide to Oktoberfest

Tweet If you’re visiting Germany in late September and early October, it’s a shame not to at least try to attend Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival held in Munich every year. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, bringing in locals and travelers from all parts of the globe. So what happens when you want […]

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Best Free and Cheap Things to Do in Atlanta

TweetI’ve lived in Atlanta for most of my life and have become a professional at having fun with hardly any money. Experiencing the my city doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are plenty of free and cheap things to do in Atlanta. Start by downloading the Scoutmob app on your iPhone, which offers 50% […]

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The Cost of Traveling in Australia: Eating and Drinking

TweetThis post is the third post in a series about the cost of traveling in Australia, this time about eating and drinking and how to keep it cheap. Keep reading next week for the budget guide to tours and activities.  Think eating and drinking in Australia is as simple as “putting another shrimp on the barbie?” […]

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Cologne’s Kolsch Experience

Tweet The Cologne kolsch experience is one of the most unique drinking cultures in Germany. So what is kolsch you ask? Instead of the giant beers you see at Oktoberfest, those in Cologne come in small glasses. You drink more of these smaller portions so they remain cold. Like with champagne or bourbon, kolsch beer […]

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Munich: Not for the Faint Livered

Tweet Porto prepared my liver for the destruction of Oktoberfest with all those 1 euro Super Bocks and port tonics at La Boheme, a bar that became the blogger haunt in my week there. Or so I thought. After a typical experience with Ryanair (read: not good), I arrived at Memmingen, Munich’s “other” airport, where […]

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