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Best of St. Simon’s Island

Ever since my extended family moved to St. Simon’s Island eight or so years ago, I have loved the small town beach. Locals are friendly and everything has the distinct saltwater aroma. My friend Elizabeth’s family has a beach house here so we have gone nearly every year since high school. When we got to […]

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Photo of the Day: Atlanta, GA

I have finally returned to Charleston and have paused from unpacking and major cleaning to write a post. Aren’t you glad? Love til death (Photo was Rachel’s idea) I could honestly never stop taking pictures of Oakland Cemetery. It’s such an interesting area with the ancient headstones interspersed with skyline views. I first visited in […]

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Cultural Eating in Marietta, GA

Sometimes I think I was mistakenly born in the wrong place and have never been more sure of that than today. Since I am home in Marietta, Georgia, I look for any opportunity to see something other than shopping centers and upscale fast food chains. Today I went to the Marietta Square, which is surrounded […]

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