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Paint The Town

A few weekends ago, my sister and her boyfriend visited me in Charleston and I decided to take them to see the Sheepman graffiti behind Buffalo South on James Island (second one down) and the Foundations (see even further below). This inspired an entry about the weird graffiti I have witnessed on my travels. Dragon, […]

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Travel Book Christmas List

I know I’m becoming one of those people who starts obsessing over Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here, but I have to start planning! My Amazon wish list is growing quite long, so I thought I would post a few to give you gift ideas for the travel junkie in your life. Imagine: A Vagabond […]

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The Life List

I was initally inspired by Nicole from More is Better ‘s Life List. So here it is, in no particular order: Walk across 5 major bridges (3/5-Ravenel in Charleston, SC; Golden Gate in San Francisco, CA; Millennium in London) Walking Brooklyn Bridge this summer Crush grapes with my feet at a winery Hike the Grand Canyon  Spend New Years in […]

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Dave’s Carry Out

Dave’s Carry Out exterior How did it take me so long to know about Some of my favorites are on there, including Beacon Drive-In, Bowen’s Island Restaurant, and Diana’s. Also on Roadfood’s list is my dear neighbor, Dave’s Carry Out. Shrimp platter with fries Dave’s is located at the corners of Coming and Morris […]

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Halloween Wrap Up

I’m going to start by saying that I love Halloween. I love dressing up and I get really into it. So with this being my first Halloween as a 21-year-old and my last Halloween as a college student, I had to make it count. Here’s the results: My coworker Marina and I were covering Fangbanger’s […]

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Keep In Touch!

We’ve all done it. We’ve been to camp, conferences, etc. where we met some really cool people but didn’t expect to stay in contact with them. Our overly socially media obsessed generation has no real excuse for not staying connected. You’re not sitting at your desk writing long letters to your pen pal anymore. You […]

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Flying High

In association with a piece I was writing for the Charleston City Paper, I signed up for Aerial Yoga classes at Prime Time Fitness on Sullivan’s Island. I suck at yoga, so it was bound to be entertaining. Look out for the article next week. Please ignore my ickiness. It was 9 am. I’m sleeping […]

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